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By: Optimum

  December 19, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Good Focus
  • Effective
    I came across this during a mass purchase on It retails ~$33 but I snagged it for 25% off, so this made it quite affordable. I was looking for a solid PWO for lifting, without too much caffeine, and really like other Optimum products, so I expected a lot out of this.

    I have to highlight that this profile is somewhat basic, and has a little of everything I look for in a PWO (I will comment on what I really liked):
    Serving Size 1 Scoop
    Servings Per Container 30
    L-Citrulline 2 g: I like the idea of the antioxidant properties, but started adding an additional 6g (would like to see 8g/serving)
    CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine 1.6 g: It seemed to be enough for me to get the tingles off of, not too much, but when I took this about 20 minutes before starting my workout, and on a relatively empty stomach, it was enough for me.
    DMAE Bitartrate 250 mg
    PhytoBlend 250 mg
    Beet Juice Powder Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)(seeds)
    MegaNatural Red Wine Grape Extract (Vitis vinifera)(fruit) Citrus Bioflavonoids
    Caffeine 200 mg: This is a good amount for me in my PWO; between 150-200mg seems to be enough to fuel me through my workouts, without keeping me up later in the evening. I don't want more, and feel it just messes up my sleep and dose nothing to aid in energy in the gym.
    Capsimax Capsicum Extract 125 mg: This was an interesting ingredient I haven't taken in anything really other than capsule form and I was really surprised how well it fit in to the flavor and gave it a little extra kick.

    Taste/mixing: 9/10
    I've tried a few of the flavors and I REALLY liked them all (I think superfruit and currently raspberry lemonade). It was not offensive or "fake" tasting like some other supplements I have tried. It also did not have any weird aftertaste to deal with. The Capsimax delivered a peppery aftertaste that I personally liked (If you don't like spicy foods this would NOT be a good PWO for you!) Occasionally, I would find a lasting peppery effect even after I was done drinking it. The powder mixed relatively well in water and I did not have any issues with clumping or discoloration of the container I mixed this in.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    I found that this PWO had me solidly ready for my workout when I timed taking it about 20 minutes prior to starting my workout. I also did not get any caffeine crashes or have any workout where I "gassed out" halfway through. There was nothing in here that really offered me any "pumps" or added vascularity for lifting and I often stacked BSN's Nitrix2.0 and extra citrulline malate and found that the combination of the two products complimented each other. I gave this PWO a try partially based on the antioxidant ingredients (specifically the DMAE and L-Citrulline) and truly felt that it had less muscular soreness the days after heavy lifting when I would use this PWO in comparison to some other pre's I have used before.

    Value: 7/10
    For a deal online or in store, you can get this for 83 cents a serving. If it wasn't discounted I think it is a little bit pricey, as the profile is very basic. If I could find it discounted again I would surely give it another whirl. If it had the 8g of citrulline I would be happier with this PWO, but even when I have to supplement in more with each dose it is still not the most expensive PWO.

    Conclusion/things to note: If you have any aversion to spice this is NOT a good PWO for you. It is otherwise a solid, basic PWO. It worked really well for me during late night lifting sessions to fuel me through and did not effect my sleep the night

    COMMENTS (1)

    • chichistrong
      Rep: +2,624
      December 20, 2014

      I like this PWO. It was nothing crazy, but I enjoyed not feeling cracked out hours after the gym. Good review

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