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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  May 1, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Focus
  • No Creatine
  • Questionable Taste
  • No Agmatine
I didn't find anything great about this product, but I didn't find anything I didn't like either. Good dose of Beta Alanine. But it was missing Agmatine, which is my favorite ingredient! and Creatine! a lot of the ingredients aren't you typical "pre workout" ingredients. I don't find the Cittruline blend too effective (in general).

Flavor - Descent. Nothing great nothing bad. ON has never had the best flavoring (thinking protein here) but I trust their products and I trust their quality, so I let flavor take a back seat. I had the Fruit Punch, so perhaps the other flavors are better. Twisted Apple looks tasty! (at least the name sounds good)

Energy - Good energy, has a variety of stims, I like the 200mgs per servings. not over stimmed like a lot of pre's these days. Experienced No crash, no jitters.

Results - I had some good workouts while taking pre. Would definitely recommend it as a solid pre workout.

Overall - I feel it's lacking with no creatine and no Agmatine. If they reformulated and included those ingredients this could be number 1 or 2 on my list.


  • Meuth
    Rep: +6,510
    February 25, 2015

    This isn't bad as you told us your personal experience but please add some more detail.

  • Gkeezy
    Rep: +3,502
    February 25, 2015

    Creatine and Agmantine are not essential for all pwo. Some like to do their own thing. In that case I can't really see that as a Con.. because you knew before hand buying this product that those two ingredients were missing.

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