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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  February 28, 2014

  • No Creatine
  • Capsimax
  • Some Jitters
  • No Increased Energy
  • Strength Increase Minimal
A rather short review on this product by optimum nutrition. Before I start the review I must say I really love Optimum and their whey and creatine are staples in my stack. I was really hoping from similarly positive results from their Pre Workout or as it is called Platinum Pre. Optimum surprisingly has never made a proper pre till this one so expectations were high. The Steve Cook ad was pretty good too. After trying it, I am honestly surprised that this product has a 9.0 rating on SR.

Taste – (7/10)
I had the raspberry lemonade flavor which was according to most reviews, the best tasting among the 3 PP flavours. Got to say im not really a big fan of the flavor but I would find it rather harsh to judge a pre for its flavor after all its just 300ml of water etc. It had that slightly spicy taste to it too so do have some cold water nearby. Possibly due to the capsimax ingredient (some thermogenic) in it. Compared to MusclePharm raspberry lemonade (old), I would say this one is slightly better, just a little more spicy.

Effectiveness – (5/10)
I really wanted this product to work, since I was under the illusion that ON makes some of the best supps on the market and their pre would be no different. Sadly, this let me down, big time. My endurance remained the same, with or without PP. Couldn't get any tingles from the BA even at two scoops. Strength increases were close to zero. Red bull gave me more energy than this pre to be honest. I also do have to add that the only pre I took before this was mp assault then stopped pres for a month to get this. Not a stimulant person and rarely drink coffee.

Value- (6/10)
At 30+ bucks for 30 scoops, this is one of the higher priced pres on the market. I wouldn't have mind paying the premium if it worked though. Most of the time, people would need more than 1 scoop to get the effects of this so it becomes more than a dollar a serve.

Overall – (5/10)
It might not have worked for me, though I really wanted it to. I tried using it on an empty stomach, full stomach, varied the amount of water to mix with this. Diet remained constant before and during taking this so I can guarantee diet and dosing isn't the issue. The thermo in the pre did make me sweat more during my workouts I must say too.

Overall, there are other similarly priced pres that are much more effective than this. But everyone is different, so that might explain why i didn't get the fantastic results that others had gotten from this product.


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