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Platinum Hydro Whey Reviews

By: Optimum

  August 19, 2015

  • Great Recovery
  • Tastes Awesome
  • Slightly Expensive


So presently, I am 260 LBs with a higher BF%. When I was dieting prior to moving due to a client I picked up, I was around 220 with a very low BF% and going to the gym 6-7 days of the week for roughly an hour each visit. This is when I initially had been using the Platinum Hydrowhey by Optimum Nutrition. It was actually suggested to me by a sponsored athlete of another company, so for him to suggest something outside of the brand he represented, was to me an indicator of a good/successful product. I am now using this protein again as I am dieting and hoping to get back into my old ways.

Ingredient Profile

I can't really say too much about the ingredient profile as I am not an expert in any way to supplement ingredients. I know the basics however which to me, it seems as though is enough to get me by.

I do know, and the trainer also had mentioned to me, that Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates (which is the first ingredient on the label) are of very high quality in this product and will also provide a quicker recovery. This had me intrigued alongside the faster digestion of the protein. To me, and from what I have learned, the ingredient profile on this product is of a very high standard.


The taste of this product is great. I always liked it, and even my significant other has it here and there because she thinks it tastes like a "healthy shake" in her words.

I have tried around 4 flavors although I only have two on me right now that I can comment with clarity on.

I always freeze my protein shakes for a little bit prior to drinking them, because I like the "shake" texture the ice brings after shaking it up a bit. This however doesn't need to be done although I still do it anyways. This may effect my taste a little bit on both the flavors however they both taste superb. I have tried them both when not frozen, and I do get a small, and I mean minuscule, chalky taste afterward but that's expected in any and all protein powders. I find it to be much more subtle than the others I have tried.


This protein has definitely helped aid in recovery. I had it after each workout and I can say that my recovery had some good improvements while using this protein. It's really hard to judge having taking it some time ago, but I do recall my recoveries going very smoothly allowing me to workout 6-7 days a week.


So you get what you pay for, this stuff is great. I do have to complain about the price a bit because the price is rather high. I don't think there is much to say other than if you are able to afford it with ease, it's definitely worth it. Having been told by my trainer to get this type of protein, I was a bit shocked by the price, but overall, I understand why it was suggested and didn't have an issue paying the cost for it.


Overall, this is my go to protein now. I went through 3-4 other proteins prior to using this, and although I will be paying a bit more, I think it's worth it. I would highly recommend this to those who are able to afford it and to serious athletes who will see great benefits from the quicker recovery benefits.


  • irondude
    Rep: +1,197
    August 19, 2015

    It looks like you like this more from the point of view of the trainer than the actual effectiveness of the product.

  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    August 20, 2015

    I don't see the rating of 10/10 ("Best. Product. Ever. Impossible to improve in any way.") justified here.

  • Faymus
    Rep: +15
    August 31, 2015

    irondude: Sorry if that is how it seems. I have actually tried a variety of proteins out there that have all left funny textures in my mouth, or had an oddly bitter taste that I am unable to describe. What I did get from the trainer was the facts about fast releasing protein.

    admin: The reason I went ahead and gave this a 10/10 is because out of all the whey proteins I have tried, (I want to say now about six to seven different brands of whey) this is the best whey protein ever, as you put it in comparison to the rating scale. I don't think there is a possible way to make this product better simply because for what it does and for the taste it provides, I am unsure as to how the product would be able to be improved on, and compared to other products on the market, it is tough to compete with a product like this. The only exception, and I apologize if I should have rated this as a 9, is the price of the product.

    I see many do not find my review helpful, and I apologize if I rubbed some people the wrong way with my review.

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