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Platinum Hydro Whey Reviews

By: Optimum

  April 24, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Lots Of Bcaas
  • Great Recovery
  • Tastes Awesome
  • Smooth Texture
  • Too Expensive
  • Smell Stays In The Cup/bottle
  • Slightly Expensive
Hi all, my first review :-) in fact, of any product. I started working out about two years back. Was not using any proteins for almost 6-7 months and my trainer recommended ANY protein shake after work out. I chose Platinum Hydro whey as guy in the shop said this is the best. I have to say he was spot on and have been using this since then.

Currently my routine is two days moderate weight training, one day cardio and one day Cross fit. I am not a body builder and I don't use any other supplements.

I was initially skeptical of using this product as it had too many ingredients which I did not understand at all and still don't. So this is going to be a layman's review. I take this product post work out and only on gym days.

1. I have not put on any muscles by using this product but this helps a lot in recovery as I noticed that the days I did not take this product I felt more tired/ fatigued than days when I did take it.

2. I have tried all flavors except chocolate peanut butter. Vanilla is least favorite but turbo chocolate is amazing. I have ordered choc peanut now and cant wait for this. Mixing is very easy and the texture is great

3. My body fat was high (25.5% PBF, weight 81kgs) before I started using platinum hydro whey and pre gym days. I lost nearly 7 kgs of fat in the last 1 year and don't feel fatigued or tired at all. I would like to give 30% of the credit to platinum hydro whey (and 70% due to gym work). I am not sure if all protein product have this effect but this one works for sure. I know I have still some way to go.

4. I am intolerant to milk, cheese or dairy products. This product is perfect for me. Though label tells that it might have traces of milk, it had no effect on me. I don't feel bloated.

5. I wish this product was cheaper than what it is. But I am now spoilt since I have started using this product. I tried to switch and tried ISO pure dutch choc low carb which was discounted. Taste of ISO was terrible and very grainy texture but recovery was same as platinum. I am open to trying to new ones if some one recommends a cheaper but tasty and effective alternative. Pls recommend before i go bankrupt.

6. This product does not smell during drinking. However the smell does stay in the bottle even when u wash with boiling water. I don't care anymore.

7. For first time users of protein powders - this one does not have any unwanted side effects even after continued usage for a prolonged period. The reason I say this is because I was worried a lot about side effects when I started.

Overall very happy with this product and little sad that there doesn't seem to be a equally good alternative as I am starting to get bored with this product.

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