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Platinum Hydro Whey Questions

By: Optimum

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Rep: +2

What is the difference between hyrdo whey and Pro Complex?

February 4, 2011

Whats the difference between hydro whey and Pro Complex? Which one do yall recommend or would you take both?


Rep: +2,428
Posted February 4, 2011

Hydrowhey is hydrolyzed which means the amino acid bonds are partially broken down so it absorbs much faster after ingestion than any other kind of Protein.
Pro Complex on the other hand is a combination of several kinds of whey Proteins and egg Protein which makes it a time released Protein which is also why you are able to absorb all 60g in one serving.
Hydrowhey is great for immediately post workout especially if you plan on having a meal soon after.
Pro Complex would be good for post workout if you did not plan on having a meal in the near future and is also good as a meal replacement or snack because it will continuously feed your body with amino acids for up to 3 hours after ingestion.
Rep: +52
Posted February 5, 2011

hydrowhey absorbs the fastest, meaning its ideal for post workout. Pro Complex is a mix of whey, egg, casein, and a few other Proteins. That means this is better for a breakfast/snack/bedtime shake. It still works for postworkout, but hydro would work better.
Rep: +2,428
Posted February 5, 2011

Kaadawg, pro-complex doesnt have casein, just the egg and whey Proteins.
Rep: +52
Posted February 5, 2011

my bad I thought it did.
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