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GlycoMaize has been reported as discontinued.

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GlycoMaize Reviews

By: Optimum

  November 30, 2011

  • Good Value
  • No Taste
  • Pretty Cheap
  • Fast And Intermediate Carb Sources
  • Good Energy Source
  • Very Messy
I have gone through many tubs of this stuff while bulking over the past couple of years. Yes I know there are much cheaper ways to get your postworkout carbs in, but when im feeling lazy on a bulk this stuff does shine for me and is very convenient. I use this in the morning on rest days for added calories and extra sustained energy. And on workout days I throw it in my postworkout protein shake to help replenish glycogen stores. Optimum has a great reputation and this product did deliver for me.

Profile: (9/10) Very simple: Waxy Maize Starch, Trehalose, Carbogen®
-35 grams of concentrated carbohydrates per scoop (140 cals)
-Packed with fast-acting, high-molecular weight Waxy Maize StarchTrehalose for intermediate energy
-Trehalose for intermediate energy!
-Contains Carbogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization

Mixability: (7/10) Very messy outside of the container with tons of spillage if you are not very carful. With a few twist of a spoon this stuff dissolved well, sometimes however there is some sludge at the bottom. This problem is easily fixed with more liquid.

Taste: (9/10) I love that this is unflavored, goes well with any protein flavor I am using. It does change the texture of the shake obviously. Its hard to explain but it is thicker. I enjoy it a lot.

Energy: (9/10) Obviously this isn't a caffeinated pre workout type of energy, but I did notice nice quality energy off this product. On both workout and non workout days this helped me get to my mid morning snack without ever feeling sluggish or tired.

Pump: (9/10) Maybe "pump"┬Ł isn't the right word, but this product did help my muscles look and feel full throughout the day. For me this was a noticeable difference.

Value: (8/10) 50 servings for $21.99 at Vitamin Shoppe, to me that's a good deal. Like I said I know there are other cheaper alternatives such as blending up oats, chocolate syrup, and/or just eating some slices of bread but at about $0.44 a serving you can't go wrong.

Overall Effectiveness: (9/10) This is a very versatile product. Can be used for many reasons including after workout replenishment, non workout day energy source, and/or is a great addition to a self made weight gainer shake. Overall the biggest turn on is the fact that it is made by a very reputable and trusted company, and that this is unflavored. This has really helped me bulk up.

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