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Glutamine 1000 Caps Reviews

By: Optimum


Only 2 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Amino Acids > Glutamine

Glutamine 1000 Caps is a Glutamine Supplement manufactured by Optimum. It contains glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue; It helps support lean muscle gain.

See all 13 products in:
Amino Acids > Glutamine


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +275
Trust: 10%
  August 16, 2011

This product is somewhat of a unicorn, there really isn't anything bad about it at all.

Value: 10/10. First off, it was 20 bucks for 240 caps, which is drop-dead awesome. Nothing much more you can say about that.

Effectiveness: 10/10. I'm currently doing a recomp with LOTS of cardio, and I was concerned about losing muscle mass. Since glutamine is the most abundant BCAA in your muscle, and it is used up quickly in strenuous exercise, I decided to supplement it to avoid muscle catabolism, decrease in bone density, etc.

For that purpose, it has performed well. I have lost no muscle mass, and even gained muscle, while losing fat. My muscles get sore, but never lava-tearing-explosive pain like I was experiencing before I started using this. I take 2 at night (2 grams) and 4 at night on leg day.

Taste/Smell: 10/10. The pills do not smell, and they are small and coated, and swallow easily. I DEFINITELY recommend the pills above the powder.

Overall: 10/10. Overall, to me this is a perfect product. It's definitely a staple in even the most basic stack, and anyone from a basic lifter to the most advanced bodybuilder could benefit from this, which, I think is what makes this such a good product.
  • Improved Recovery
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness
  • Builds Muscle
  • Great Price
    Rep: +1,186
    Trust: 100%
      June 9, 2011

    i received 3 free bottles of this from with purchases of ON Hydro Builder. i finished 1 bottle already, and about a week or two ago i started on the second bottle; this review should be rather short and simple.

    Ingredients: Serving size 1 capsule, 1g L-Glutamine. nothing fancy here, as many of you know working out/lifting weight puts stress on the body, which glutamine levels deplete from the body. The body can lose up to 50% of its glutamine levels during training, so you want to replenish the what's lost. this will help with recovery, prevent muscle break down, reduce muscle soreness and improve the immune system.

    Taste/Dosage: for taste N/A, can't taste anything. dosage i took anywhere from 2-4 caps daily, splitting the capsules between post workout/pre bed on lifting days; and morning/pre bed on rest days. i usually stuck around 2g daily, every once in a while i would take a few extra if i feel like i needed a little more help in recovery.

    Effectiveness: during my first bottle and now part of my second bottle i would like to note this was stacked with ON Hydro Builder. what i noticed from this was enhanced recovery after my workouts, reduced muscle soreness and it seemed to make my muscles feel more "full" upon waking in the morning. one thing i did notice about this, was every once in a while if i dosed a little higher than an extra 2g daily it upset my stomach a little, but nothing major. i'm sure part of what i noticed in recovery was from the Hydro Builder, but knowing glutamines benefits i know this helped too.

    Value: they come in 120 capsule bottles and 240. i received 3 free bottles of the 120 count, which is awesome. now you can't beat free, but even at regular pricing this 120 count is $9.99 and 240 count is $17.99; which to me seems like a really good price, plus they last a while.

    Overall: good basic product that can be incorporated in to any supplement stack or desired fitness goals. it's effective as recovery aid and the value is good as well. results weren't mind blowing, but i give this a good rating because the results were solid.
    • Muscle Fullness
    • Improved Recovery
    • Reduced Muscle Soreness
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value

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