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Extra-Large Shaker Cup Reviews

By: Optimum

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Extra-Large Shaker Cup is a Workout Accessory manufactured by Optimum. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your workout routine to assist with specific exercises or goals.

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  January 12, 2012

  • Huge Size For Weight Gainer Shakes
  • Good Value
  • Cheap Plastic
  • There Are Many Design Flaws
  • Not Effective
One of the common complaints about Serious Mass and other weight gainer shakes is the difficulty mixing them. Half of the problem is the size of standard shaker cups (I can not run a blender at work0. 16oz. milk and 162 grams powder in my 3 year old 20 oz. shaker cup was not working with Serious Mass or Real Gains(Up your Mass totally different, mixes in a heartbeat).
I was looking for a new option and I saw these on for cheap ($3) so I read the reviews and ordered a couple. (Blender Ball does not work well with gainers in my opinion).
When They got here, I saw some immediate design flaws.
First was feeling the cheap cheap cheap plastic these cups are made from. It is not a rigid plastic, a person could easily crush it down with one hand.
Second, the interior is not smooth, there are bumps, nooks and crannies where powder gets trapped way easy.
Third, I really like small gauge screens to break up powders. This model has a screen attached to the top lid with 1/4in. between screen and lid. Basically, there is no room for stuff to mix. I pull them out and put one of my old bigger screens down in with milk and gainer.
Last, the lid is some dang cheap and leaky I gave up using them after a week. The cap popped off after 4 times, that is just annoying. There are major two junker happenings, there is no seal in the threading. Shallow threads at that, which add to the cheap plastic cup means the cap pops over or off the treads all the dang time.
Like I said After a week I gave up and went to my old Body Fortress cups.
The only two positive things I have to say about this product I paid $3 dollars and the 36 oz(?) huge size made mixing a snot ton of stuff easy when it did not leak all over.
To sum it all up, I would not buy them with sme quality changes being made.

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