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Essential AmiN.O. Energy RTD Reviews

By: Optimum


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Essential AmiN.O. Energy RTD is an Energy Drink manufactured by Optimum. It is a stimulant based drink designed to give you a boost of energy and increase mental focus.
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  August 11, 2018

  • Good Taste
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • Blended Ingredients

Quick Summary

Hello Everyone, another review coming in fast. I am 18 and work at my local gym as a spin instructor, but my love is weightlifting. I have been using this product since I started working there 2 years ago, and am just now reviewing this after joining recently. So far I have written two other reviews, and am just as excited to write this one. Let's dive into it.


Optimum Nutrition's Essential Amino Energy RTD is a fantastic product that brings great taste, energy, muscle recovery and mental focus to its consumer. For muscle recovery support drink 1 bottle after training. For energy and focus drink 1 bottle anytime during the day.

Ingredient Profile

Ingredients included in ON Amino are a blend of amino acids like Taurine, Beta Alanine, BCAA Peptides. It also contains Whey Isolate.
Taurine is an amino acid that is already made in your body, but it is not an essential amino acid. The difference between the two is an essential amino acid needs to be supplemented into your diet because you body does not already have it.
The blend of amino acids is kind of disappointing because it does not tell you the amounts that you are getting.
100 mg of caffeine as well.


At my gym, we sell the watermelon wave flavor and it is amazing. The taste is perfect a little sweet and sour and the watermelon flavor is very dominant. The RTD formula is great and mixing is not needed. I have never had a problem with settling or shaking before hand. As for dosing, this is up to you. I usually drink 1 whole bottle at a time, but have mixed this into a gallon of water and it was still a great tasting product. Did not feel too watered down.
Packaging is very nice as well! Sturdy plastic bottle.


Now, I mostly drink this when I need a switch up from my normal supplements that I take. Ill use this a pick me up during the day at work. Yes, sitting behind the gym desk can get very tiring lol. I usually reach for this and I feel so much better. The caffeine kicks in even though its only 100 mg (Im used to high amounts of caffeine). Mentally I feel much better. Not as tired and I'm able to focus better then normal. I have never felt more recovered after a workout though. For me, this product is more of a mid day pick me up.


The cheapest you could find this is on at 27.49 for a 12 count. My gym sells them for 3 dollars each, and if I didnt get a discount I would not be buying them. For me, they seem a little expensive for a little boost, and would probably reach for an energy drink to reach the same purpose. Good product, just a little pricey for me. I have had energy boosters before that can save me about ten bucks.

Side Effects

None at all


In conclusion. Optimum Nutrition's RTD Amino Energy is a great pick me up if your looking for a boost. A little expensive but I am a true believer of trying everything and seeing the results. Great taste and I would definitely be interested into picking up any other flavorings. This product mostly made me feel energized and mentally clear rather then aiding me in muscle recovery.
  • Watermelon Wave : 8/10

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