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Beta Alanine Powder Reviews

By: Optimum


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Beta Alanine Powder is a Beta-Alanine Product manufactured by Optimum. It helps increase carnosine levels, which helps buffer lactic acid and increase muscle endurance by decreasing the 'burn' during exercise. This increse in endurance can translate to increased muscle mass and strength.
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  April 13, 2018

  • Endurance Boost
  • Get More Out Of Your Workouts


    What is going on guys? Just want to make a note that there was another overlap with a beta-alanine product, BUT my run with that particular product ended March 11th which gave me more than enough time to fairly use this product and give honest feedback. Now, the tingly sensation that every newbie feels when they take their first supplement containing beta-alanine is an unforgettable one. I LOVE this sensation and all the other great things that beta-alanine can do for the everyday 'gym bro.'As always, I'd like to thank Clipper and SR for making this review possible. Let's dive right in!

    Ingredient Profile

    1 serving = 1.6g of beta-alanine
    55mg Potassium
    15mg Magnesium
    20mg Sodium
    70mg Phosphorous
    550mg Histidine

    Other ingredients: silicon dioxide, malic acid, natural & artificial flavors, silicon dioxide, citric acid, beet powder, tartaric acid, sucralose, yellow #5 & 6

    Company statement: *Our Threshold formula is designed to help boost your intramuscular buffering system so that you can train harder, longer.*
    Their addition of things like histidine and other phosphates are placed in this supplement to help keep hydrogen ion levels low because, in theory, as hydrogen ions are produced within the muscles fatigue levels increase. One of the possible causes of fatigue is due to the fact that acidity levels in the muscles are increasing. Beta-alanine is renown for its endurance benefits in the fitness industry and it's unique ability to help you resist fatigue.


    Taste: This is an unflavored powder that will give you a bitter aftertaste if you do not mix it in with some other flavor to mask it. I would highly recommend mixing it with something else because the taste is very unpleasant.

    Mixibility: It mixes into 8 ounces of water very easily with a few good shakes of a blender bottle. I never hd any issues mixing this product.

    Dosage: I used more than 40 servings before reviewing this product. The clinical dose of beta-alanine is 3.2g, so I took two (1.6g) servings of this product every day. I found this to be the best formula for success because at least for me personally any dose greater than 4g can cause some unpleasant side effects like lightheadedness and excessive sweating from a minimal work load.


    I'm sure you've seen this on the front of a supplement before, "Fight Fatigue and Train Harder and Longer!" This is the trademark slogan for beta-alanine. The endurance juggernaut of the supplement world has been praised for its ability to help athletes get the most out of their workouts. Optimum Nutrition's beta alanine is no exception. The powder allowed me to cram more sets into my workout and scrape up a few extra reps after my scheduled 'written out' workout plan was finished. How does this work? To function effectively, muscle cells rely on the powerful intracellular buffer carnosine to avoid becoming acidic (low pH) during exercise. Beta-alanine increases this 'buffer' and allows you to fight off the acidity increase for a little bit longer than you normally could. For example, this may allow you to turn a set of 8 into a set of 9 or 10 at the end of your workout. More work = more time under tension = more gains!! This is an extremely underrated supplement that more people should use on a daily basis. DISCLAIMER: If you have never used beta-alanine on a daily basis then I would highly recommend that you start with 1 serving or even half a serving to properly assess your tolerance. This product is known for the 'tingly side effect' that can be on your face, arms, or body after ingesting. A lot of people do not like this sensation, so I would just encourage any new users to start slow.


    This goes for $18.23 on which comes out to about 25 cents per serving or 50 cents for two servings ( a clinical dose). This is a good price for what you are getting. Yes, there are similar products that are cheaper, however, this product adds in a few extra ingredients that give it a slight edge in my opinion.

    Side Effects

    Tingly sensation if you are not accustomed to beta-alanine


    I'm a big believer in beta-alanine and I am a fan of Optimum's version of the supplement. I have a lot of respect for the company and I knew from the beginning that I was getting some high quality stuff. Have a great day guys (and gals).

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