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Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA

BCAA 5000 Powder is a BCAA manufactured by Optimum. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

See all 124 products in:
Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  October 20, 2012

I started incorporating intermittent fasting into my bulking and cutting routines so naturally I wanted to invest in a quality BCAA product. I trust Optimum with many of their other products so naturally this was the first one I jumped on.

This is my first BCAA supplement I've taken so I can only vouch for the effectiveness but not so much in price / quality compared to others of course.

I use 10g of BCAAs 30 min before my workout which I do fasted (usually 16-20 hours of fasting). It does an excellent job of keeping my body anabolic.

In regards to results I have continued to see lean mass gains, even some percent drop in body fat during my bulk. As far as strength during workouts I think that BCAAs are placebo in that regard and that isn't their purpose.

If one has nutrition holes or bad workout timing maybe BCAAs can help with intra workout strength. But in my opinion it's strictly to help keep the body anabolic during exercise which this product does extremely well. (16-20 hours fasted training on a regular basis and gaining muscle mass / losing fat? Yes please! This is what BCAA's are for)

I'm about to go into my cut phase and I'll continue my 10g BCAA pre-workout protocol. I believe my cut will really put this next can of ON BCAA to the test as I'll be eating in only 4 hour windows daily, and dropping my calories from 3500 down to 2200 while also adding in some very highly intense cardio. I'll also be changing my bulk macros from 25p/50c/25f to 40p/30c/30f so we'll see how it does.

I believe BCAAs are essential in IF or fasted training protocol. But again I don't think you need to sip them throughout your day / workout if your nutrition is locked on. (That just doesn't make sense to me)

My training schedule is 6 days per week. While bulking I do chest, legs, back, arms, shoulders, rest and repeat.

I've been bulking with BCAAs and fasted training for the last 15 weeks and have gone up 15lbs overall, and went up from 6.5 to 8.5% body fat. (Over 10lbs lean) Again, I'm about to start my cut so we'll see what happens.

I'm going to stick with ON BCAAs as opposed to USP Labs Modern or 'Purple Wrath' or 'Xtend' because frankly I don't trust any BCAAs that taste good. That's just my opinion. I know USP has done some serious statements about "natural" flavoring for their modern stuff but still...makes me wonder.

Here's a quick rundown of the usual ratings...

Taste 0/10 - BCAAs aren't supposed to taste good. Man up!

Value 7/10 - I haven't tried competitor BCAAs but the fact that they claim to taste good throws me off. However ON BCAAs appear to be more expensive for slightly less servings on most websites I've seen. So Optimum isn't ahead of the game in regards to price from what I've seen.

Results 10/10 - I've been training after 16-20 hours fasted and have lost no strength (in fact I feel stronger) and have been gaining muscle mass consistently while using only 10g pre workout per day.

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Easy To Use
  • Price May Not Be Competetive
Rep: +92
Trust: 10%
  April 30, 2012

I took Optimum Nutritions unflavored BCAA before (5 g) during (10g) and post (5g) and would take 10 grams upon waking up with my creatine.

Taste: 2/10
Unflavored BCAA tastes absolutely discusting and bitter but you need to just sack up and pound it down. It's not about the taste. I am not dinging this product at all based on taste because if a company can get BCAA to taste good, it is either loaded with tons of artificial flavoring or sugar.

Effectiveness: 10/10
I noticed substantial recovery after and during workouts. My muscles fatigued less and I was much less soar than usual, especially after leg days. Keep in mind I also used 5 grams of glutamine from optimum nutrition after post workout every day

Mixology: 10/10
You pour this into any amount of water and it dissolves almost instantly

Overall, BCAA should be a staple in anyones supplement routine. It helps you make the most out of every workout and reduces catabolism and keeps your body in an anabolic state even when you are glycogen depleted at the end of your workouts. I give this product a two thumbs up because I can always trust optimum and they came through with a pure great BCAA product

Fair and Honest,
  • Good Recovery
  • Easy To Use
    Rep: +10
    Trust: 13%
      May 31, 2011

    taste: i bought the BCAA 5000 powder FRUIT PUNCH flavor and it really taste well! its like your just drinking a fruit juice! i give it 10/10 for the taste of the BCAA fruit punch flavor. as for the unflavored BCAA powder, i have no idea regarding its taste...

    definitely my recovery time during work outs improved a lot! and muscle soreness was lessened too! as for the gains i gained some pretty amount of muscles. btw i stack this BCAA powder together with my Animal Cuts, Animal Stak and gaspari whey protein.

    value: pretty decent price and the tub can last up to a month depends on how many you use everyday though.

    Overall: im pretty impressed with BCAA 5000 powder fruit punch flavor. i will definitely make this product as a staple for my stacks. good job for ON!
    • Fruit Punch Flavor Really Taste Good!
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Recovery
    • Easy To Use
      Rep: +36
      Trust: 53%
        April 27, 2011

      I'm amazed to not find a lot of very in depth reviews on this product. I'll admit this is a pretty simple product in theory, but that doesn't mean careful consideration shouldn't be taken in it's use.

      I came to buy this supplement because I realized the amount of BCAAs I was getting from my supplements was pitifully low. And since 35% of your muscles are comprised of BCAAs it makes a lot of sense to get more if you don't already. According to BB.come the optimal amount of BCAAs to get in a day falls between about 8-16g on a 2:1:1:1 basis (So you need 1 gram of every other BCAA for every 2 grams of leucine.) I'm unsure if that ballpark number means you need that amount total or just leucine alone. I assumed it meant leucine alone and used that ratio to measure my other BCAAs.

      Dosing: I drink casein with a scoop of this in the morning, whey with this after working out and casein again before I go to bed. This put me about in the ball park of 10-11g of BCAAs from the powder and what is contained in the protein powder I use. I personally weigh about 160lbs so I think I'm on the lower end of required amounts of BCAA, heavier people I would imagine need more.

      Recovery: BCAAs play an integral role in your muscle recovery so extra BCAAs go a long way. I think it's important to target your BCAA intake when your body needs it most. (Post-workout, waking, and sleeping) With the extra BCAA I noticed less soreness when getting out of bed and overall I felt like I recovered much quicker than with lower doses of BCAAs. They are definitely linked to how fast you recover and how fast your muscles repair.

      Mixing: They say it's "instantized" no idea what that actually means, but it does not completely mix. I blender my protein up and this stuff still has some small white crystals at the bottom. Also for being "unflavored" they have an awful, almost vomit inducing flavor if you happen to get them on your tongue so beware of that. Probably the only thing I don't like about this product.

      Value: There are 60 servings in a container. It lasts a looooong time. One lasts 2 months for me which for about the 30$ it costs is definitely an excellent value in my opinion. Excellent bang for your buck.

      Overall: In the end in the right dosing this will definitly help with recovery, and rebuilding phase. The dosing depends on the kind of person you are and you should always consider what your own specific needs are, but overall this is a great supplement and I think should be a part of any serious lifter's stack.

      I quoted some numbers. I got them from here. This also has some great info about the effects of BCAAs
      • Good Recovery
      • Easy To Use
        Rep: +1
        Trust: 0%
          May 13, 2010

        This stuff works, plain and simple. I found it really helped with recovery and mass building.

        I won't kid ya it tastes pretty bad and it doesn't dissolve easily. Still I found that if mixed with a little whey (1/2 scoop of EAS vanilla) and skim milk. I can mask the taste and texture pretty well.

        Again, the results are good.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Good Recovery
        • Bad Taste

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