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100% Whey Reviews

By: Optimum

  June 8, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Recovery
  • Mixes Well
  • Not A Good Meal Replacement
  • Price Was A Little High
Finished two 5lbs tubs already, one Vanilla and a Mocha Capuccino.
Here in Brazil we pay a lot to get this high quality protein powder. So I buy 5lbs to make it last a bit more.

Everybody already know (or should know) about the profile of this famous whey protein. I'll make it shorter: around 31g scoop: 120 cals, 23g protein, low carb, low fat. Every protein powder should be around this. I honestly think: if you're paying more, you should get more. If you're paying less, it's OK to get less. But, try to stick with a brand that gives you something around this!

Vanilla Ice Cream: 7 - it's OK. My first choice when buying a protein is vanilla. Don't ask me why. It's a little bit chalky and makes too much foam.

Mocha Capuccino: 8 - tastes better, but should be thicker. If you mix less water, it gets better. If you mix with skim milk or low fat milk it's really good. But you don't buy isolate whey to mix with this stuff. If you like mixing, buy concentrate whey (it's cheaper!). Since you gonna be mixing with water, let's give an 8.

Profile: 9 - great proportion, high quality ingredients.

Mixability: 10 - even with vanilla's foam, it used to dissolve fast. And it was OK to drink, something different. No clumps at all. Always used a bottle like the blender bottle or the smart shake.

Effectiveness: 9 - it's a all-round whey protein for many people, but not for me. I used only post-workout due the price I paid here in Brazil (it's expensive to import also, due the weight) and because it's primary ingredient is whey isolate. Could keep my diet without many changes, drink it post-workout and get a bit leaner and a bit stronger. Recovery was good too! My routine was 6x a week, around 80-90 minutes each day (60 lifting with low intervals and 20/30 minutes cardio or HIIT).

Value: 6/Brazil - 10/U.S. - very good pricing when you compare to other brands in U.S. sites. For me was kinda expensive. I'm giving 8 to keep it between both results and being fair.

Should I recommend this one? For sure.

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