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does it have side effects

5 weeks ago

also if i mix 1 scoop with a banana, 500 ml milk and 2 spoon of peanut putter and bland will it give good result of losing bell fat and gaining muscles.


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Posted 5 weeks ago

"Losing belly fat" is a term you need to stop saying. You can't target spot fat loss. You first need a clean diet burning more calories then you're consuming through food. No magical combination of whey, milk, and peanut butter will provide this. Focus on your diet first to aide in fat loss. The only side effects from whey is if lactose gives you stomach issues such as bloating.
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Posted 5 weeks ago

Side effects, I can make you full for a while, it will add to your protein for the day. Some people can have allergic responses to just about anything. As for your sub questions, you would be turning a protein shake into a higher calorie shake. I get that the fat in PB can curb your appetite but as Trey says, it will depend on the rest of your diet and exercise.
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Posted 5 weeks ago

I don't think so unless you are sensitive to a certain ingredient
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Posted 5 weeks ago

There will be no side effects, it can help fill your macros and calorie goals which would help gain muscle if training properly.
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Posted 5 weeks ago

That would make a solid meal to meet your macros, but if you're looking to lose belly fat its going to take a caloric deficit and cardio
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Posted 5 weeks ago

Like others here have said, it is a quality protein source that can help you hit your macronutrients numbers. In terms of losing fat, you're looking at somewhere around 500calories for that meal. If that fits into your meal plan, while still creating a calorie deficit, then yes it can help reduce fat. It comes down to the numbers and not the protein itself.
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Posted 4 weeks ago

I had tried this ON Gold and having a best experience. So, I commanded this product again and if you are going with mixing this all ingredients i thing you can get extra calories and better result. Go for it.
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