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How can I identify fake Whey?

November 10, 2011

Hi guys..
i am from Egypt and the fact here is that such supplements are not iggaly imported i don't know the reason!!
So people started to make FAKED 100% Whey from ON !!
with the same bottle the same logo the same EVERYTHING ... you will not even belive it ... with the same componants !!!!!
we call it the Egyptian Whey :D :D
but some still have the original one and selling it but you still can't know the differance
SO, if someone can help me and tell me if there is a special mark in the bottle or something to know the Original one???
secondly .. does the whey makes a bad smell if you mixed it and left it for 24 hours ???


Posted November 10, 2011

the symbols of the product might be off the text on the label might be off, many other little things, you shouldnt make a shake and let it be for more then 2-3 hours because the sugars roll over and obtain the shake and make it smeellllll!
Rep: +899
Posted November 10, 2011

On the label .. There is a small print that says "Carefully manufactured in the USA by: ON" of course the ON has the arrow going through it.

Also, the Label also has a Consumer Affairs number on it. I don't think any bootleggers would put this on their labels. The number is (630) 236-0097.

As far as a shake smelling?? I don't my shakes sit for a few minutes ...let alone a few hours.

Posted November 11, 2011

Thanks a lot guys for youe help but what if they just copy the HOLE lable as it is from an orriginal one !!!!
is there a special caratristes for the powder to make me sure that it is the orinal not a faked ?!!!
i tried to wait 24 hur. and didn't wash it, it made a bad smill does it means it is Orinal or Faked ??!!
Rep: +899
Posted November 11, 2011

Any protein shake left to sit for 24hrs. Will not smell good at all.

As far as telling the real deal from the faked? Can you get your hands on the real stuff? That may be the only way to tell if they are different.
Posted November 11, 2011

Thanks a lot for the great help !! :)
What about the new black bottle .. heared it is a recycled one and it is a 2nd class they ship it to the middle east ... is there any news about it ??!!
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