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RE1GN Reviews

By: Olympus Labs

  November 14, 2017

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Pump
  • Bad Taste
  • Kills Appetite


I'm a competing powerlfiter, and I just finished my third meet. I'm about to start a lengthy off season and I want to put on as much muscle as I can while staying in my weight class.

Ingredient Profile

Don't be fooled my Reign's small serving size (10.24g/2 scoops). It packs quite a punch.

In two scoops, we have:

5g citrulline- This is a common pump enhancer which can also reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. You want to see at least 4g, so we have a good dose here.

1g agmatine- Agmatine is also a pump enhancer and is sometimes used as a glucose disposal agent. Most of the literature on it, however, is for pain management or depression. Common doses for pre workouts range from 500mg-2g.

1g Pomegranate Extract- Pomegranate Extract is synergetic with other supplements and can increase pumps, help build muscle mass, and can help keep fat at bay.

300mg Vaso6- I believe Re1gn is the first pre-workout to feature Vaso-6. It's what epicatechin is supposed to be. In other words, the studies that were done on epicatechin that caused companies to start adding it to their supplements were actually done on Vaso-6. The companies had been using the wrong compound. Vaso-6 is supposed to help build strength and muscle

300mg caffeine- A fairly high dose (well for most people).

378mg (J. Regia, Stim X, and Eria Jarensis)- I don't know much of each stimulant is present, so I listed them all together. J. Regia is an exotic stimulant that Olympus Labs uses a lot. In my experience, it is similar to DMHA, but it does not cause me to crash. Stim X is a new stimulant. Eria Jarensis is often paired with DMHA.

40mg Theacrine (100mg tasteless theacrine)- Theacrine is similar to caffeine, but it is milder and has a longer half life. I'd like to see a bit more here, as too little theacrine can have a sedative effect. That being said, there are a lot of stimulants in the product already.

25mg Kannaease- This is an extract of Kanna, which helps elevate focus and mood

50mg Astra Gin- This is a trademarked compound that helps with the absorption of other supplements, e.g. citrulline.


I ordered two Re1gn flavors: Dragon's Mist and Lions Blood.

I thought Dragon's Mist was pretty good, 8/10. It tasted like blue raspberry to me. The only caveat was that I would get sick of drinking it about half way through.

Lion's Blood was not very good for me 6/10. It was quite bitter and even when I added stim-free quake to it, it was still bitter. I think it's supposed to be grapefruit.

The mixability was good, 9/10. Sometimes, with theacrine it settles on the bottom, but that wasn't a problem here.

Dosing- I used one scoop on most days. Sometimes, I used 1.5 if I needed an extra jolt. I usually take pre-workouts at the gym, but with Reign, I'd take it about 10 minutes before as theacrine takes some time to set in.


I'm at a powerlifting meet. It's been a long day, and I'm already getting tired, but I have one more deadlift and if I make it, I win my weight class.

That's what Re1gn feels like, even though it's just a normal day at the gym. The energy takes some time to get to you, but when it does, it does not let up. My workouts are 1.5-2 hours long, and I was never lacking energy with Re1gn.

Sometimes, though, the stims were a bit too much and would cause me to shake. This makes it harder for me to concentrate when I'm doing squats. Thus, I preferred Re1gn for upper body workouts.

I train fasted, so I tend to be somewhat flat when I get to the gym. That was no problem. The bicep pumps were real.

The focus was also nice. I don't know how much of that was the Kanna Ease and how much was the Stim X, but whatever it was, I was alert and ready to go.


The value here is quite good. The list price is $40, but Re1gn's gone on bogo at least twice, which brings you down to $20/tub, and right now, there's a store selling it for $26, which is still pretty good. Also, if you use 1-1.5 scoops like me, then you're getting about 30 servings/tub instead of 20.

Side Effects

I had a couple of side effects. One, Re1gn kills my appetite. That's fine when I'm cutting, but I'm going to be bulking soon, and I'll probably need to consider eating pre-workout, because I won't want to eat once I get back home.

Also, I had pre-ordered Re1gn, so the first Dragon's Mist I got was the re-called one. It was way too strong. 1.5 scoops made me feel ill and even at .5 scoop, it still felt weird. Lion's Blood though felt fine, so it was just that batch

OL has replaced my defective tub, so they made good it.


If you like stims, then you have to give Re1gn a try. It's worth it.
  • Dragon Mist: 8/10
  • Lion's Blood: 6/10


  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,939
    November 14, 2017

    Great Review! I Hope your last meet went well. I never knew that about Vaso-6, interesting fact. Yeah I am with you that I tend not to be hungry post workout, thats why I usually drink a Protein shake when I get up, since I hit the gym at 6am, I really do not want to eat that early. It at least gets something in the system for training.

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