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By: Olympus Labs

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BLOODSHR3D (RAW EDITION) is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Olympus Labs. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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  February 21, 2017

  • Energy


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    I am a serious endurance athlete but I also do strength training in the winter months.

    Ingredient Profile

    I think it is pretty comprehensive complex and no ingredient seem to be underdosed (all might not have highest doses but are at least what is considered effective).
    The Maximum Lipolysis Activation Blend:
    250mg caffeine
    1,000mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract- standardized to 50% Chlorogenic acid. I find GCBE to be quite useless but extracts to high Chlorogenic acid have shown in research to be effective in fat loss. Most products with GCBE that are useless probably don't have an extract to CA.
    100mg Rhodiola Rosea- adaptogen that reduces stress and also has some cognitive benefits. 100mg dose is useful but 200-300mg would have been perfect.
    400mg Rutin- Increased AMPK activation that stimulates glucose uptake and fat oxidation. I'm not too familiar if this dose is sufficient.
    100mg Vanillin- some rat studies that show anti obesity effects but not much on humans.
    Extreme Energy, Focus and Thermogenic Matrix (proprietary):
    This is where it shines! I am really caffeine tolerant. This 250mg would be nothing to me but this packs a real punch with even half dose.
    Eria Jarensis- PEA derivative that lasts a lot longer.
    J.REGIA- a stimulant herb.
    rauwolscine- fat burner that may also make your body produce adrenaline. I know that they have an effective dose because I got chills that it usually causes me in higher doses (I've taken up to 5mg).


    Orange Starcrush has a good taste but I find it a it sweet. In general, I tend to like sour workout drinks.
    Mixability is good. Didn't leave any settlement in the bottle.
    1 dose is 2 scoops. Easy to take half dose that is 1 scoop.


    As Olympus Labs suggested, I started with half dose but made the mistake of using it after my preworkout drink (it has 300mg caffeine but no other stimulants). I also had a couple of couple of coffees in the morning. This is all usual for me, only thing that I changed is half a pack of Bloodshr3d in my intra-workout bottle.
    1 had a 1 hout gym workout planne (legs) but ended up staying there for 1,5 hours. The energy was that great. Even a bit too much (combining with high-stim preworkout isn't a good idea).
    I ended up going heavier than planned in leg press as the focus I got from it was great and helped me push through the pain.
    Energy crash after the workout was slight but it passed and I felt energetic for hours after. This is great as the workout was harder than I've done in some time.

    I used another half serving the next day before heading out to my workout. This time I had a lower stim preworkout drink that I sipped in the gym. To be honest, I was tired from the day before and this helped me to find the motivation to head out. I felt a real flight-or-fight feeling after (or go-go-go feeling as I think of it): chills, mental clarity and motivation to move. I found out later that is an effect of rauwolscine.

    Overall, I find the energy blend packs a big bunch but isn't likely to have you crash. Most stim sensitive people could probably take half a dose for great effect (and what a value would that be!).


    45 servings goes for 48,99 on their site but the frequently have 40-50% sales. I've found it under $30 elsewhere. Under $30 is a real value as I most probably get over 45 servings from it.

    Side Effects

    Chills from rauwolscine might throw some people off. Some also react poorly to it. I for one love it (rauwolscine) but there is a version without it too (WAR edition). I'm staying with RAW.
    I didn't have any negative effects but I know some might have (that why starting with half dose).


    My favourite so far. While fat burning effects take longer to test, I like it solely for it's energy. I've tried several exotic stimulants like DMAA (allthough not too high doses) and DMHA but this blend beats them
    • Orange Starcrush: 8/10

    COMMENTS (2)

    • kalans
      Rep: +5,441
      February 22, 2017

      Great review! You could definitely add more pros and maybe cons also.

    • mhseaver670
      Rep: +6,693
      February 25, 2017

      I am confused, is this review based on a Sample pack?

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