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By: Olympus Labs

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K1NGSGUARD is a Cycle Support Product manufactured by Olympus Labs. It is meant to be taken when using synthetic hormone products to help protect the body's internal organs, decrease blood pressure and prevent excess water retention along side helping with overall health.
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  September 4, 2017

  • Complete Profile
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  • Effective
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
  • Dosing


Hello out there in SR land, LionHeart here once again for another product review. This go around sharing my experience with Olympus Labs' Kingsguard cycle support supplement. Now this is classified as an "on cycle" support product, but that is not how I used it. Personally, I don't run PH's, I've got enough issues without throwing that into the mix, but I'm not a fan of doctors that have an Rx for everything. I like the natural approach so I use these products to help with blood pressure control and liver support so can avoid the prescriptions and tell my doctor to pound sand. OK, let's look at Kingsguard.

Ingredient Profile

I posted the ingredient panel below, but the one thing I love about Olympus is the quality ingredients they put into their products. Most are patented extracts which ensures quality and dosage. Kingsguard is broken down into 5 matrices that cover liver & kidney support, cardiac protection, blood pressure, immune system, and blood thinning. A complete, all encompassing profile that pretty much covers everything.


These are capsules, red & white. The does is 6 capsules daily, which was a challenge as the capsules are sizable and taking 6 in one slug was a bit of a challenge. That being said, I can see why so many as everything in Kingsguard was dosed well. Besides that, the capsules had a strong, pungent smell, and left on odd after taste in my mouth for a while after swallowing. In addition, if the meal I took them with wasn't big enough, then I get some nasty burps afterwards.


Here is where Kingsguard really shines and makes dealing with the nuisance sides worth it. I ran Kingsguard for 8 weeks, and smack in the middle of that time, I had my annual check up. My biggest concern at check up time is blood pressure. Well, I'm happy to report that after about 5 weeks on Kingsguard, my systolic dropped about 25 points & my diastolic dropped about 12 points. My doctor was dumbfounded, which I love! Furthermore, all my blood panels came back excellent, which is something for a 47 year old guy with Hypertension. So top notch effectiveness here.


Here is the downside of Kingsguard, the price. On the OL website, it retails for about $70, but I've looked around and the average price I've seen is about $50. I actually grabbed 2 bottles on Amazon for $44 each, which was a real steal. Overall, value was OK since this stuff really gets the job done and delivers on what it claims.

Side Effects

The sides with this were negligible, bad after taste and nasty burps. The smell is rough to handle too. Other than that, after about a week, I noticed that I was feeling colder than usual, which is never an issue I have, usually the opposite, always hot. However, this was a sign of the blood thinning and the BP support doing it's thing.


I have to say Kingsguard was one of the most effect products I've used. It's that good. While I can't comment on it's use for "cycle support" as I have never run PH's and am not familiar with the challenges there, I will state that this is a highly effective overall health supplement. It really put my old, beat up, body into harmony and balance. I felt great while on Kingsguard and my check up results validated that for me. It is very expensive, but for a product that works this well, the cost is worth it, in my book. If you're looking for an overall health supplement, I would look no further than Kingsguard.

LionHeart, signing off...


  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,967
    September 4, 2017

    I will have to look into this stuff. I have high blood pressure as well, had it last few years already and rely on my Fish Oil to help me out. Nice that you had such a significant drop, amazing. I see on your reviews you post the ingredients label, but can you talk about at least how you think the doses are, is it adequate, too little on certain ones, too high on others, or is there wasted filler ingredients.... other than that good job!

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