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By: Olympus Labs

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Olympus Labs for sending it out!
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  December 27, 2017


Huge shout out to Olympus Labs for participating here on SR! BCAAs are a staple in my stack and I'm always willing to try new ones out, especially from companies I'm not too familiar with. ENDUR3 caught me eye and I was sent the Dragon Mist flavor. What is Dragon Mist was my first reaction, but DAMN was is slammin!

Ingredient Profile

Ingredients we covered extensively in other reviews so I won't be too redundant here. Overall I was found of the BCAA Blend of 4:1:1, opposed to the typical 2:1:1 most companies use, which is the standard. So if you're unfamiliar with the ratio, it's L-Lleucine, L-Valine, and L-Isolecuine. They also throw in 2g of Velositol (regulates metabolism and insuline), 2g of Glutamine (aids in recovery), and 1g of L-Taurine (helps to reduce cramps). Lastly, the electrolyte matrix to help boost you through your workouts.


Taste: I have having a hard time coming up with a flavor I would compare it too. It would definitely be called "Blue _____" (insert something on blank line). Basically there is some kind of blue something going on in there. After scrolling through some other reviews, Wade419 simply described it as "Blue", which is strange, I know, but oh so accurate. I wouldn't say blue raspberry, it's not that sweet. Possibly a mix of blue cherry/raspberry diluted in a bit of water. Not watery, but not super sweet. If you're not sold on the taste, you will be now. I'd pick this flavor up again in a heartbeat, that good.

Mixability: Mixed well. No complaints in this department, not even a little residue at the bottom of the shaker.

Dosing: I dosed this at 1 scoop per day. Workout days as an intra-workout, non-workout days a dropped a scoop into my 3L jug and sipped on it throughout the day.


As mentioned above, I used this as an intra or daily drink. I preferred taking it as an intra. Felt it kept me hydrated well and less cramps during cardio sessions. As a BCAA it did it's job. Shout out to the electrolytes! While taking this I didn't have any sluggish days at the gym, even the week when I was sick and on antibiotics, which can sometimes cause side effects and lead to crap workouts. Now that I'm off it I do notice a bit of a difference, nothing to drastic though. Currently on a different BCAA with less in it than ENDUR3. This was an excellent stable to my stack though.


Currently on, they have a BOGO deal going at $40.00. So two 30 serving tubs for $40 (or $20 a tub and $0.66 per serving). I wouldn't pay $40 for just one and call it a day, thats too pricey of an amino for me in all honesty. I'd spring for a BOGO though, no doubt.

Side Effects

None to note.


Dragon Mist was a pleasant experience. My favorite aspect was that it helped propel me through my workouts be keeping me hydrated and replenishing my electrolytes. BCAAs are a necessity in my opinion. Hopefully this BOGO lasts long because I'm all stocked up on aminos at the moment, but 60 servings for $40 is a steal in my opinion!
  • Dragon's Mist: 8/10

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