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By: Olympus Labs

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  November 11, 2015

  • Weight Loss
  • Leaning
  • Strength Gains
  • Cortisol Blocker
  • Simple
  • Amazing Value
    What's happening team SR? Time for me to put in my review for Olympus Lab's AI product, Elim1nate.


    Elim1nate is Olympus Lab's effort at an aromatase inhibitor, also known as an AI. AI's are commonly used at the end of the natty test boosting cycles, or on their own, to help control any estrogen issues you may have from being on a test boosting stack, or to help with leaning up. The label on the bottle claims the following:

    - Estrogen Elimination
    - Natural Myotropic Upregulating
    - Lean, hard, dry muscle mass
    - Powerful Anti-catabolic Modulator
    - Powerful Testosterone Booster
    - Cortisol Blocker
    - All in one supplement

    So as you can see, this little bottle does pretty much every, pretty cool huh? If only it was that simple. Read on.


    There is 1 ingredient in this product. Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-doine, or more commonly known as Armistane. It is dosed at 25mg per cap and there are 120 caps in the bottle. My thoughts on this are as simple as the ingredient profile itself, choice. At 25mg per cap, you can decide how much you want to run. Most people will want to run 75mg/day, or 3 caps, but if you are not getting results from that you can bump that up and it's not like you're doubling the dose or anything. I like the 25mg per pill size as it allows you to make those choices. Armistane is proven to work as an AI, it's not a black-magic kind of ingredient it actually works, so no complaints with the ingredient profile. It's a pill, no taste.

    DOSING - 9.5/10

    I dosed this at 75mg/day because this is what i've done with AI's in the past and it's worked well for me. At this dose you get 40 days out of a bottle. At 100mg/day you get 30 days out of a bottle, but for some people 100mg gives them dry joints. I like that Olympus went with 120 pills/40 day supply at 75mg, because if you are tolerant to this and can take 100mg/day you still get a whole months supply. As I said above, I know 75mg/day works for me so that's what I stuck to for the duration of this bottle.

    EFFECTIVENESS - 9.5/10

    If you respond to Armistane you will like this product. If you dont then you probably shouldnt buy it because it doesnt have anything to offer you being a single ingredient. In my nearly 6 weeks on Elim1nate at 75mg/day I dropped 4lbs whilst keeping my training and food consistent, and my strength increased (only slightly, but when you're on maintenance that's OK). That's the kind of results I would normally see from that amount and time on Armistane, so I can conclude this does the job it's supposed to. I cant really comment on the lean, dry look, as I was also taking pump products as pre-workouts, and I believe these do more for your vascularity than Armistane would. I can comment on the cortisol level however. Long story short, I have developed an anxiety disorder earlier this year, and due to that I get a bit of bloodwork done and always get a hormone panel done to check my test levels and cortisol levels, which contribute to increase anxiety. Prior to starting on Elim1nate my cortisol was around 500. A couple of weeks after I finished I had some more bloodwork done and my cortisol was below 450. Some of this is to do with other factor for sure, but for me it's the only results I have to go on, so I will say that Elim1nate did help to control cortisol.

    SIDE EFFECTS - 2/10

    I have to mark this down here, and it's not because of something I feel was the problem of the product, but rather what the product does to me. Due to my anxiety, whenever I am on any kind of hormonal product that either boosts testosterone, or in this case controls cortisol/aromatase inhibitor, a couple of weeks after finishing it my body re-adjusts itself and I get some increase anxiety for a few days. I dont expect this would happen to everyone, or even people who suffer from anxiety (it might just be me) but this is what happened in my experience so I am reporting on it.

    VALUE - 10/10

    I picked this up on sale at nutraplanet for $14.99. You CANNOT beat that for a months supply of Armistane. Simply put, outstanding value product.

    CONCLUSION - 9.5/10

    Elim1nate is a single ingredient AI that does exactly what the ingredient (Armistane) is supposed to do. There's no fillers, no extra pixie-dusted ingredients, just the 1 proven ingredient that does the job. Yes it's simple, yes you might wonder wow what if they put in this or that, but that's going to drive the price up, and for what? This does the job you dont need anything extra. For the price this product is a no-brainer to add to your natty PCT stack.

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