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Dermastrength Unleashed has been reported as discontinued.

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Dermastrength Unleashed Reviews

By: Olympus Labs

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  March 20, 2017

  • Starts Working Quickly
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Temperamental Nozzle


I am a competing powerlifter and am currently cutting down so that I will fit in my weight class (just made my weight cut off this morning-woot).

I am a drug tested athlete, so I did not use this product after a cycle. I just used it along my basic supplements (creatine, multi, fish oil, protein powder). This product is often used as either a PCT or in conjunction with a cycle, so I will not be able to speak to it in those contexts, but I can talk about my experiences with it, and when I think it could be potentially useful for people.

Ingredient Profile

The main ingredient here is 5a-hydroxylaxogenin, which is a plant steroid (not an AAS or a prohormone). The product also has PhytoFUSE which is a trademarked delivery system designed to make the 5a more absorbable. OL claims that is increases absorbability 2-6 times, which is if accurate would probably make OL's product the best 5a product on the market.

There's also soy phosphadycholine (50mg), which the body uses to make acyetylcholine, which is important for memory and other bodily functions. I have no idea what a transdermal dose of this supplement should be, but I thought I'd point out that it is present.


I used the transdermal version (there's also a pill version), so taste and mixability were not a factor.

One dose is 1 squeeze of the bottle, which is supposed to be 2ml. Each bottle comes with 60 doses.

I found my bottle's nozzle to be a bit inconsistent. Some days I got out a lot more product from one squeeze on than I did on other days. I had no way of measuring this objectively. I could tell, though, because you rub the product on your chest and arms, and some days I needed to cover more ground than other days.

Other than that, the product's pretty easy to use. Make sure your skin is dry. You squeeze the product onto your hand, rub it in on your chest and arms and you do this 1-2 times a day. I used it pre-workout and then post shower, which was about 2-3 hours later.


I found that this product was effective for me. I was able to progress more consistently when I used Dermastrength Unleashed, and my bench press saw the biggest improvement.

Over the 30 days that I used the product, I saw my close grip bench press go from 3x155lbs to 3x175lbs. My bench is my weakest lift, so this was a big deal for me. One of my goals this year is to hit a 200lb bench, and I think this product helped give me a nudge in the right direction.

I do want to say, however, that I think some people's expectations for 5a-hydroxylaxogenin are too high. It gets marketed as an anabolic because it's a plant steroid, but it is a PLANT steroid.

It is not an AAS. This is not a pro hormone. It has no effects on the HPTA (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis) or estrogen levels. If it is not clear already, 5a-hydroxylaxogenin is not nearly as effective in promoting size and strength gains as an AAS would be.

There is a reason that WADA allows it's use. If it were as effective as an AAS, it would have been banned years ago.

I enjoyed this product a lot, but I don't think people should get it if they are expecting AAS-like results. That's just not realistic.

This product, is however, one worth considering if you are looking to promote strength and size gains in a WADA compliant fashion. 5ao can help increase muscle protein synthesis. It can help reduce cortisol.


Right now, this product is pretty cheap on OL's website. They're selling it for $25.00 a bottle, which would be enough for 30-60 days depending on how you dose it. I'm not sure if it's being discontinued or if it's being upgraded (they're redoing a lot of products right now), but now's a good time to buy if you're thinking about it.

I think I paid a little bit more for it, but it was during one of their 50% off sales, so I didn't spend more than $30, and I thought that it was money well spent.

Side Effects

I had no side effects, and there shouldn't be any. It doesn't require a PCT. It doesn't affect DHT levels or cause any liver strain.


I think Dermastrength Unleashed is a pretty darn good product. The literature on 5a-hydroxylaxogenin is a bit sparse/outdated, but I had solid results running it and I will run it again.

I do want to emphasize though that this is not going to have the same effect on you as an AAS would, both referring to the results or the side effects. If someone tells you it's as good as X drug, that's a lie.

It can be, however, a helpful addition to your stack if you're looking to promote size/strength gains while staying WADA complaint.


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +2,657
    March 20, 2017

    Nice review smashley, I've looked into this before and just haven't decided to try it yet.

  • trey-carmine
    Rep: +1,401
    March 20, 2017

    Nice review smashley! When I ran this product a while ago I decided to go with to oral version pre-workout and the transdermal for the rest of the time. Decent strength gains and recomp effect when I got to around week 6.

  • pancow
    Rep: +2,343
    March 22, 2017

    I've liked most products from Olympus Labs. Nice review!

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