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A-AKG Powder Reviews

By: Olympian Labs

  December 29, 2017

  • Good Value
  • Great Pump
  • Mixes Easy
  • Small Scoops
  • Funny Taste
  • Hard To Scoop
Here i am reviewing another product, this time it is by Olympian Labs. A-AKG powder for those sick nasty pumps!

Ingredient Profile

This product carries a very very simple profile. All you need for a sick nasty pump is Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Now this product contains just 3000mg of it but if you do 2 scoops by itself you get 6g or mix one scoop with some pre workout that would be a great combination as well. Like I said this product is very simple with just 1 ingredient in it. Helps open up the veins and allow more blood flow to flow through whichever body part you are working on.


Taste by itself is not to bad at all but it will definitely help if you mix something with it like some flavoring. It has a weird chalky flavor to it but it is doable regardless if you just want to take it straight. Only bad thing is that it's hard to properly scoop it out once you get low on the powder. But other than that this product is amazing!


Be ready for some skin tearing pumps! This product definitely helped me get a big pump and achieve more vascularity. The pump would last a bit longer as opposed to not taking any sort of pump product. I would be good for another hour or so after my workouts. Just doing one set of any sort of workout would give you a really good pump. Literally a product to go out and get right now.


$15 for 90 grams (30 servings) is a very good price for this product. Definitely doable and you will not regret getting this trust me. Olympian Labs makes this product very effective and cost effective as well. Best of both worlds!


If you want some skin tearing pumps and look like a beast walking around with a sick pump I would HIGHLY recommend this. It is very cheap and for the price you pay you get an amazing product that can be stacked with ANY pre workout. Go out and get it today and see for yourself how well this product works!


  • Xcmiler
    Rep: +1,295
    December 30, 2017

    I used this years ago and I can remember how awful the scoop was.

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