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B-LITE Daily Energizer Reviews

By: Nutrisail

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B-LITE Daily Energizer is an Energy Supplement manufactured by Nutrisail. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

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  April 27, 2016

  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
- Introduction -
During my use of B-Lite I was on a strict everyday workout routine, and stuck to a low carb diet as well. I have used weight loss products in the past, so I do have plenty of experience with them. The reason I choose to try B-Lite is that I wanted to add a weight loss supplement to help me get closer to my over goal of 185lbs.

- Ingredient Profile -
This has mixture of vitamins and also a prop blend aimed at increasing energy and improving weight loss. Has a lot of the standard ingredients you'll see in a weight loss supplement such as Green Tea Extract, Synephrine, Yerba Mate and Hoodia Gordonii. Some of the ones that caught my attention was the AMP HCL and PEA HCL. Both of these have proven to be effective for me in terms of energy and for AMP HCL a hunger suppressant. PEA is one of my favorite supplements out there and especially combined with Hordenine(which is not the case here) which works well for focus and is a great mood booster. Overall they have a solid ingredient list, covers a lot of different vitamins and has some effective ingredients in there as well.

- Dosing & Effectiveness -
With B-Lite there are a wide range of dosages to choose from, and that correlates with how effective it is. For the most part I stayed around the 2-3 capsules per day, and did not notice a big difference between 2 or 3, however at 1 there was little to no effect. First off the Thermogenesis they claim is there, however to the effect I did not notice it a whole lot. Not necessary a bad thing as I would prefer not to be sweating up a storm just standing at my desk. I felt warmer than normal, and once I started moving I heated up quicker than normal. Next we have fat burning, now this is tricky because it pretty much impossible to say if this burned any fat, plus I stayed the same weight over the course of taking this so I did not notice any fat burning effects, but it doesn't mean it wasn't there. Now to the cravings, this I did not notice at all. In fact I felt more carb cravings than normal while doing this. Typically anything with caffeine inhibits my cravings however in this case it did not work for me. Next there is focus and energy, this was the most effective and noticeable effect from B-Lite. The energy was great throughout my usage of this, and the focus I got was great. When I took this(2 or 3 capsules) I would get more done throughout the day, and was able to stay on task better than normal. Overall I think this is an effective product in terms of energy and focus, however as a weight loss supplement it did not shine as much as I expected. 6.8/10

- Value -
The value just is not there for me at $45 for a 30 ct, that is expensive price for an energy/focus supplement. Personally I would not pay that much for something like this, so value is a 4/10.

- Side Effects -

- Conclusion -
Overall I liked B-Lite for its enhancement of energy and focus, however it is at a steep price. Would not recommend this, unless you have money to burn.

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