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pH7 BASE is a Joint Support Product manufactured by Nutripathic. It is designed to improve and maintain the health of cartilage, tendons and joints in the body.
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  May 17, 2018

    • No Scooper
    • Not Effective
    • Bad Taste
    • Too Expensive

    Quick Summary

    A product to level out your pH balance to help with joint pain and arthritis, but not for sure it will do that for you.


    Thank you to Nutritional Products International for letting me try your pH powder mix. I have experienced joint pain so since this product claims to help with joint pain, I figured it was worth a try. This was definitely something that puzzled me and still not for sure what it did.

    Ingredient Profile

    I believe there is a need to not only go over the ingredients but also discuss why this company calls this "Neutripathic pH7 Base". Nutripathy is to focus your attention on health as a natural state of being with a perfectly functioning body, mind, and spirit integration. The pH7 base is acidity or alkalinity found in the pH level. The pH scale is between 0 and 14. The 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline but the natural balance is 7. We should all be close to 7.4 which is just on the alkaline side of neutral. You can measure your pH with pH test strips. The reason why I wanted to bring this is up is because I believe this is the companies goal. To bring the body to a natural and even state all around. Now that we have covered these issues, let's look at the ingredients.

    All ingredients are mineral and herbal alkaline base. Magnesium Hydrogen phosphate 250 mg, Calcium Citrate 150 mg, Potassium Bicarbonate 800 mg, Magnesium Citrate 350 mg, Potassium Citrate 850 mg, Dicalcium Phosphate 2-Hydrate 950 mg, Organic Plant Calcium 150 mg, Acerola Berry Extract 250 mg, and Mannitol 750 mg. Magnesium Hydrogen phosphate is a magnesium acid salt that can help your body working properly. It is a laxative or an antacid. Side effects are diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Calcium Citrate and Organic Plant Calcium treat low calcium levels for bone loss and weak bones, decreased activity, and some muscle disease. Potassium Bicarbonate is used to treat or prevent low amounts of potassium. A good level of potassium helps your cells, kidneys, heart, muscles, and nerves work properly. Side effects are confusion, uneven heartbeat, leg problems, stomach pain, and bad stools. Magnesium Citrate increases energy, calms anxiety, helps with sleep, treat muscle aches, and heart health. Side effects are similar to Magnesium Hydrogen phosphate. Potassium Citrate is a mineral that is for functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart and treat a kidney stone condition. Side effects similar to Magnesium Hydrogen phosphate. Dicalcium Phosphate 2-Hydrate is a combination of positively charged calcium, and negatively charged hydrogen phosphate. It is a source of both the mineral calcium and of phosphate which you use for many purposes. Side effects are increased urination, vomiting, nausea, increased thirst, constipation, and decreased appetite. Mannitol is a sugar alcohol used to force urine production for kidney failure and speeds up the elimination of certain toxic substances in the body. Side effect include fluid and electrolyte imbalance, dryness of mouth, thirst, and headache.

    At first glance, products seem fine but after much research, I am not so sure. First, these products are found in many other things beside supplements. I found these ingredients in cleaning products, teeth treatment products, and animal items. Second, the side effects are many. As long as these ingredients do not exceed the max amount that the body consumes, you are fine. The concern comes with what other products or supplements you are using. I give this a low ranking because the ingredients are in so many other things we should not use with bare hands or ingesting and if this is combined with other items you are taking, it could cause a lot of side effects. If you do decide to try to use this, I would not recommend taking any other supplements.


    I had a problem with each thing here. The taste on this was bad. I was able to get it in berry but it did not taste like berries or berry flavoring. It was really hard to take every morning and I would just force it down. The mixability was a big issue too. It didn't matter if shaken or stirred. It didn't matter if I used little water or a bunch water. No matter what I did it would always leave grains in the bottom of it that would not mix. The dosing was another problem. They tell you to take one heaping teaspoon (0.26 ounces) but did not offer a scooper. Luckily I have a scooper that will give that amount so it was a bit easier. When I take this I don't want to measure it. I just want to scoop it, use it, and move on. Over all this was not a good taste, mixability, and dosing, so I give it a very low rating


    The pH7 base claims to "assists with high acidic conditions like rheumatism arthritis circulatory ailments, joint pain, and tiredness which can be aggravated by excessive alcohol sugars and stress". The effectiveness is really hard to measure. You can test your pH level with a pH test strip but that alone is not enough to prove pH7 base is working as it claims. I know we run into these problems with protein and amino acids but this one is little different. The product claims to help with things such as rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain as well as tiredness. While taking this product, at no point did I feel that my joint pain was any better. I do not have rheumatoid arthritis so that is something I really can't measure. My joint pain was not better. And in no way did I ever feel that it kept me more energized. The effectiveness on this is hard to rate when it comes to pH levels. Unfortunately, I didn't do the pH test before I started or after I finished. For me to give this a better review, I really should have tested pH but failed too. All in all, I am rating this based on what I went through and I can't say that this was an effective product. I just didn't feel like it was doing anything that it climbed to do. I want to give this a low rating as I felt that there were no results


    It took me 30 minutes to find this product for purchase. After going to several search sights and even trying the company website, I went to Amazon (guess I should have started there). I tried to search for the product with many things listed on the tube but once I searched for "Nutripathic pH7 Base" exactly, I found it. The product was available for purchase at $32. This is a 30-day supply so it will be a little over $1 per serving. I give this a low ranking because it was hard to find and the cost is higher than I would like to spend. If you are selling a product, it should be very easy to find and this was not.

    Side Effects

    No side effects noticed


    In conclusion, I struggled to figure out with this product did and the benefits of it. The ingredients seem fine but need to be careful with because they could get worse if too many core ingredients are consumed, especially if using other supplements. I did not feel that it was effective at any time. The value is low due to the cost because this is something I would not spend money on and this is something I would not get again. I did not notice any side effects but everybody's different so it's something you need to be careful with. I'm not here to bash pH7 Base or to say that it's awful. We have to review based on a non-biased opinion so with non-biased, I have to give this a low rating.
    • Berry: 1/10

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