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Outlift Reviews

By: Nutrex

  April 26, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Endurance
  • Good Taste
  • Transparently Dosed
  • Increased Strength
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Fully Disclosed
  • Clean Energy
  • Premium Price
Good evening SR community, it's time for me to review a pre-workout I had been keen to try for a long time, Nutrex Research Outlift. With all the high-quality, clinically-dosed pres on the market at the moment, which is a good thing mind you, the profile of Outlift had been on my radar for quite a while. With the negative press around Nutrex in Australia (see below) and just the sheer cost of supplements (and Outlift is never on a deal), I had to wait my time until I found something semi-reasonable to bite the bullet and give it a go.


So going back a few years ago, one of our top-tier footballers was banned for 18 months for taking a banned substance on game-day. That product was a pre-workout and was found out to be a Nutrex product, which made our supplement-ignorant public here go off the brand for a while. Nutrex stuff is still not easy to find in Australia, and is quite expensive (see value section). This is a shame because I've used other Nutrex products before and I've found the company to be very solid in the way they formulate and market their products.


What else do you want in this thing? Firstly, it's 25g of goodies, none of this 5g gulp and pray prop blended stim potion that might work one day and might crack you out the next. Nhansen22 has nailed the individual ingredients, even going as far as posting up his sources, so please take a look at those sources if you so desire. Personally, I loved seeing clinical doses of the major pre workout ingredients that work - 8g cit mal, 3.2g carnosyn, 5+ grams of BCAAs, 2g taurine and enough caffeine to kick you in the pants. The creapure is a little under-dosed in my opinion at 3g (I'd have 5g), and I'm not sure 2g of creapure was going to make much of a difference to the cost of this pre in terms of raw materials, but meh, I'll just add 2g of my bulk creapure in. Finally rounded off with 5mg of bioperine for enhanced absorption, although personally I would swap this out for Astragin. All in all though, 25g of pure quality, congrats Nutrex. Finally, no dyes is a big winner aswell, for my shaker cup and also my insides. Minimal flavouring is also a big tick.

TASTE - 10/10

I had the blue raspberry flavour, and this stuff was amazing. I don't know if you guys get fruit tingle lollies over there in the states, but this was like those fuzzy fruit tingles I loved as a kid. It gets a 10 because I don't think it would be possible to improve on blue raspberry in a supplement drink after taking Outlift. If I could grow a pair and take this straight to the dome I would. If Nutrex made a BCAA supplement in this flavour I would buy it by the box.


Very minimal settling, just on the sides and was easily swirled in. I use a shorty shaker to mix up my pres, and every time I'd mix this up, shake it and then pop the cap the cap would almost explode off, making a poof sound, like this baby was just begging me to slam it down and go smash some weights. I don't know how else to describe it, it made a sound like the pre wanted to get out and into my body.


It's a 1-scooper, nuff said. Never found the desire to go over 1 scoop, always had results from 1 scoop. I didn't build a tolerance to this which required more stims.


I'm getting a bit tired of giving this product such high scores. This stuff works, and worked every time. This workout is like the deadlift. There's no cheating, there's no maybe today maybe not, it's the same thing every single time. And that's good. I've broken down the main criteria below:

FOCUS - Outlift had me dialled in from about 20mins after ingesting. I wouldn't say it was on rails semi-crackhead focus, but it gave me the jolt to say hey, you're here to do a job, you go do that job. I didn't feel this fall away as I went through the tub, and the focus was consistent for the full length of my workouts, some of which can go 90 minutes.

ENERGY - 350mg of caffeine and 150mg of N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine is going to give you a wake up. And it did, every time. I reckon I could have taken a little more stim, but not much more, so it was pretty spot on for me from Nutrex. Energy was consistent through the workout, with no crash afterwards, and I would feel energized for 3-4 hours after the workout. Having said that, I work out at 430 in the afternoon and head to bed about 10pm and never had any issues sleeping, so the stims didn't keep me up all night.

PUMP - Well come on, seriously? If 8g of cit mal isn't going to do it for you then you either don't respond to cit mal, or you need to re-evaluate what you're doing in the gym. Truth be told, I like cit mal, but the nitrates really give me a banging pump, so the pump from Outlift was very good as opposed to outstanding. I am not a very vascular person and I most definitely had increased vascularity on Outlift. Probably a little disappointing is that the pump would die down quickly after a workout, as opposed to some other pre products with more than 1 true pump ingredient. I would normally have a shower 2-3 hours after my workout after I've had dinner and put my kid to sleep, and if I still have troubles moving around in a shower and using the soap due to pump at that point, then I know it's a damn good pump product. Outlift was not in this category. On that note, N-Vein by Nutrex was a pump product that did give me an outstanding pump, possibility to stack these 2? Maybe something to try next time.

VALUE - 9/10

I have to put my hand up and say I found this on a great deal locally, so I paid the equivalent of about $50/tub (normally the RRP is AUD$70 so close enough to USD$60) which is great value in Australia. In the states, this is averaging between $30-40, which I consider to be pretty damn good value for such a comprehensive pre, even if it's only 20 servings, especially with 5+ grams of BCAAs as part of the formula. I understand that's close enough to $2/serving in some cases, but I'd rather take 1 scoop of this than double-scoop a prop blended pre that $1/serving.


None to report here, aside from the great taste ending once I'd downed the serving and having to wait for the next workout to take it again. No toilet issues, gas or bloating. Another big tick for Nutrex to get all the raw materials working together without side effects.


I love fully-dosed pre workouts, and I loved taking Nutrex Outlift. It's seriously one of the best fully-dosed pres I've taken. I wonder how amazing this profile would have been in the 1,3 DMAA days, you'd be unstoppable. Would I buy Outlift again with my own money? Hell yeah! Would I recommend Outlift to others? Absolutely, this stuff is the real deal. Thanks once again Nutrex for providing us with a great pre workout.
  • Blue Raspberry: 10/10

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