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N-Vein Reviews

By: Nutrex

  December 7, 2017

  • Good Value
  • More Vascular
  • Good Pump
  • More Endurance
    Good evening SR community. I know it's been ages since submitting my last review, but I have finally had some time to sit down and take my training a bit more seriously which means I can give supplements a fair run and provide accurate reviews. Today I will be reviewing Nutrex Research stim-free pump product N-Vein. Let's get down to it.


    Most of the other reviewers have broken down the ingredient profile quite well, so I wont go into that much detail about the individual ingredients. What I like about N Vein is the relatively simple ingredient profile using quality raw materials. They use proprietary Dextrin, Glycerol and nitrates (in this case sodium nitrate) which are all proven ingredients. There's also some electrolytes thrown in there for hydration which is always a welcome addition to any supplement really, as most of us are drinking upwards of a gallon of water a day anyway. The individual ingredient amounts are solid and based on if not clinical doses then certainly doses that have come to be accepted as effective anecdotally by the lifting community. Perhaps the only addition I would make to this profile would be a clinical dose of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, but apart from that this is what you are looking for in a stim-free pump product.

    TASTE - 9/10

    I gave this 9/10 because being unflavoured it should be good to go with pretty much any other pre, or just mix it up in some Gatorade and chug it. I did find that with some Fruit Punch or the lemon/mango flavoured pres I doubled this up with I would get a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste, hence the drop in mark. I feel if you want to make something unflavoured it should go well with anything, otherwise chuck in some natural flavours so you can chug it on its own. On that note, if you did chug it on its own in water it kinda tasty like water that has been left in a bottle in the sun for 6 months, not the best.


    N Vein mixes well, but requires agitation due to the glycerol. You cant just dump it into a cup and swirl it a couple of times and it's done. If you don't use a mixer/blender or shaker cup, it will clump a bit. For that reason I have given N Vein 8/10, although I understand the limitations of using glycerol in terms of mixability. On that note, the storage stability of N Vein is excellent. I've had some real junky glycerol-containing supplements that gum up a week after you open the can, or sometimes already come gummed up (hello Pre-Gro). Bonus points to N Vein for not doing this.


    I dosed N Vein at 1 scoop when dosed with other pres. I upped the dosing a few times when dosed on its own, but didn't see much of an improvement in effectiveness when doing this, so I just switched back to 1 scoop. Unlike some other pump products, I didn't find that there was a sweet dosing window for effectiveness. I took N Vein anywhere from 10 to 30 mins prior to working out and the results were always consistent.

    EFFECTIVENESS - 9.3/10

    The pump provided by N Vein is legit. It would only take me 1 set of proper concentration on contractions and hypertrophy to trigger N Vein's ingredients to work. To be honest I noticed the pumps the most on arm and upper body days, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't working hard on lower body days. In most cases, I am not really looking for a massive pump from a lower body workout, because back pumps suck and not having taurine in the ingredient profile leaves you exposed to the potential of that happening. Anyway, back to the pumps. They were solid, they would last all workout, and if I took a longer break or got distracted by a 10min phone call or whatever, N Vein kept the pumps going and it took just 1 set to get the blood rushing back into the muscles and filling them up nice and hard. I normally have a shower about an hour or 2 after my workout (after my meal and putting my kid to sleep) and after taking N Vein and having a good gym session I could still feel the pump in the shower, so yes the pump was definitely long lasting for me.

    I did notice some vascularity in my arms and shoulders, as well as my quads, that was exaggerated when taking N Vein. I am not a very vascular person, and most pump products don't do much for me in this regard, so it was surprising to see this, and much welcome.

    Finally, I also noticed that when taking N Vein I would drink more water. Whether this means N Vein helps keep you hydrated or not is up to you to decide, but I know I am hydrated before I go to gym, and if something makes me want to drink more and continue to be hydrated, then I would say that product helps with hydration. If that product also has electrolytes added to it, then that's even better. Top points for N Vein here.

    VALUE - 9/10

    For what you get, this is great value. You get 3 patented ingredients dosed at levels that work, along with electrolytes and the Potassium Bicarbonate and DiMagnesium Malate for increased fatigue reduction when you need it most. Most places will have this for under or right on $20 a tub, for 30 true 1 scoop servings. Stim-free pump only products are generally cheaper than their stimmed counterparts, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on ingredients. If you double this up with a good stimmed product in the $20-30 range, you'd be outlaying $50 for 30odd servings of PWO that's right up there with the kitchen sink PWOs out on the market and if you pick the right stimmed product you know you'll be getting quality ingredients. In my opinion that's worth paying for.

    CONCLUSION - 9.2/10

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Nutrex's N Vein and found it to be a very effective stand-alone stim-free pump product. I also found that doubling it up with stimmed PWOs would produce a truly awesome PWO combination if you choose your products thoughtfully. The price of N Vein is definitely in the good to great value category. Having said all that, I would definitely purchase N Vein again with my own money, and I would definitely recommend N Vein to others. Thanks to Nutrex for a great product and thanks for reading my review.
    • Unflavoured: 8/10

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