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Lipo 6 Black Extreme Potency Reviews

By: Nutrex

  June 4, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Effective
  • Helpful
  • Fat Destroyer
  • Waist Line Reduced
  • Body Temperature Higher
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Too Much Sweating
My 1st review on the 1st supplement I took. Found SR on google, and saw you guys are great, so I decided to share (I have a lot to share, but let's start from the beginning)

Back in 2010 I was 24 yo, around 300 lb (bf was high, for sure, but I was ashamed to measure). I'm 6'3 and a endomorph. I was on college to earn my DDS degree. Dropped couple pounds dieting and doing pilates before hitting the gym. In November I decided it was time to hit the gym and in December I took my 1st supplement: Lipo 6 Black.

Value: 7 (got 2 bottles on SNC when I was at USA for around 40 each).

Pill size / taste: (5 / 10): it was weird to drop 3 pills each time, but I was focused and it wasn't a big deal. No aftertaste.

Now I can compare with other thermogenics, so that's my review: I will divide in 2 times:

1st time: December/2010: I was around 280 pounds and working out (a light workout) just 3 times a week. I entered on my vacation period and ran this for 23 days (2 on the 1st day, 4 on the 2nd and 3rd day, 6 a day from the 4th day). Was at the gym during (80-90 minutes) the morning and jogging around 5pm (for 50-60 minutes). I was at the gym 5 days a week and jogging 7 days a week. Diet was OK and very strict.

Effectiveness: 10 - Bro, it shocked me. A lot! 40 minutes after taking it I was pushing my limits harder each day. And sweating a lot too! I felt like when I got back home I could work out a bit more, each day I spent couple more minutes at the gym. And pushed a little bit more during my jogging.

Hunger Suppressant: 8 - No hunger on most of the days. But I was eating each 2,5-3 hours, and eating right. No cheat meals. So it controlled my cravings. But I was doing it alright on the month before taking Lipo 6 Black. It helped me to keep going, so I'll give 8.

Energy: 10 - Felt like I was the most athletic guy on earth. And I could do more everyday.

Thermogenic: 10 - Sweat. Lots of sweating, even when I was trying to chill at home.

Side Effects: 7 - some jitteries and headaches.

Overall: 8. Dropped from 280 to 260 in 23 days.


Now the 2nd time: February/March 2011 took the 1st bottle, waited 1,5 month and then took the 2nd bottle. Took it during 28 days (reduced dosage on Sundays). Working out around 60-75 minutes, 5 days a week. Jogging 60-70 minutes on saturdays. Was back on classes and took Sundays to rest. Diet was just OK, with 2 cheat meals (saturday nights beers and sunday lunch with dessert). Was able to keep the same weight, but I could feel miself with less fat since my waist line reduced.

Effectiveness: 8 - Wasn't the same thing. A bit disappointed here. But I could feel it kicking in every single time I took it. This time I was able to feel some pump and focus, and it was great. Also I was lifting more weight than the 1st time.

Hunger Suppressant: 7 - Helped me to keep dieting. But I need to feed my cravings sometimes. I consider 7 "OK, it worked but didn't shine".

Energy: 8 - dropped a bit at the gym, but I was back in college (from 8 am to 6pm, 5 times a week). I need to be honest and say it helped me to stay turned on all day long and go straight to gym after college (sometimes after some surgeries and I wasn't that tired!), but wasn't the same thing even with a 45-50 days interval between bottles.

Thermogenic: 10. Sweating was a issue now, it's annoying to sweat a lot during clinics. But it was the price I was paying to reach my goals. And I was aware of it since it was my 2nd bottle.

Side Effects: 9/10 - minor headaches.

Overall: 8. Dropped from 260 to 249. More 11 pounds. But this time I was starting to pack some muscles.


Bottom line: it was VERY import to me, to change my game. It helped me achieving some goals and put me on the gym track.

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