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Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate Intense Reviews

By: Nutrex

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  December 28, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive


First, want to make a quick apology as I am a little late on this review. Going to catch up on a couple reviews today, fell behind with end of semester stuff, ACL reconstruction, holidays, etc. That being said, Here today to review Nutrex's fat burner Lipo 6 Black Intense Ultra Concentrate. Nutrex has several versions of this fat burner, His, Hers, Black, etc. and this one focused on delivering stimulants to help you burn some of that unwanted fat. Here's what I thought about it.

Ingredient Profile

Attached the profile and as you can see, it's a prop blend. I feel this is very unfortunate, especially for a stimulant based formula as most of us want to know how much of that we're taking in. This is even more the case since the formula includes yohimbine and rauwolscine which quite a few people have a negative reaction to. As for me personally, I don't have side effects to these ingredients unless in extremely high doses so I don't mind that they are there, just would like to know much. Even the caffeine content isn't disclosed, of which there are two forms of andryhous and citrate. I do like multiple forms of caffeine as I like that extended release/clean aspect. The formula also includes teacrine and tyrosine for some focus/nootropic benefits and good old synephrine. Overall, a very stim packed profile without
A lot of information I would like to know.


No taste or mixing, small black capsules. For dosing, I have to agree with Parasite in his review as it's misleading. On the front of the box you have advertised one pill only, 60 capsules. However, in the directions, it says one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon. It does seem like they are wanting you to believe you will have a 60 day supply when really it's one pill at a time for a 30 day supply. Still, 30 day supplies are pretty standard so I'm not too upset. I will add though from everything I've read, yohimbine really only works when you're fasted/low carb so I always took in the morning first thing and in the afternoon a couple hours after a meal usually preworkout. I always go pretty low carb when cutting so this wasn't too bad for me.


The usual claims of intense energy, weight loss, appetite suppressant, thermogenic, focus etc. I'll review the effectiveness in terms of these categories.

Energy: This does provide good clean energy that lasts about 3-4 hours. I like that it's not a complete stim bomb that hits you really hard and then you crash. This was useful in helping me wake up and get motivated for the day and when taken before heading to the gym motivated me to get it done, work harder, boost the cardio. This is the best aspect of this product.

Appetite suppressant: For me, one of the most important aspects of a fat burner is appetite control as that's the most important factor in losing weight is keeping a caloric deficit. This did very little in that aspect. Slight decrease in hunger due to the stims, but that wore pretty quickly. Disappointing.

Thermogenics: Moderate increase here as during cardio I did sweat some more, but not that overall heat that some thermos give you.

Focus: Again, pretty disappointing as you you get that stim "high" for awhile, but I would like some more nootropics to give that laser focus and euphoric feeling during cutting to make it more tolerable.

Weight loss: I did lose some weight, which is nice, but my cardio and diet were in check. In fairness I wasn't expecting to have the lbs fly off as I'm pretty lean right now as I was cutting a lot for my wedding and in anticipation for my knee surgery.

Overall, a nice boost in stims but didn't help a lot in other categories I look for in a fat burner. Could be a nice pick me up for some beginners.


Lowest price I could find was $40 on DPS. For a 30 day supply and it's contents and effectiveness I feel the value for this is pretty low. Much better options out there at a lower price point.

Side Effects

No nausea, dizziness, etc from the yohimbine, but I am pretty tolerant.


Although marketed as intense and stronger than it really is, it could have a market for some just looking for some energy and stimulants. I'll be looking for a more well rounded product.

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