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MonoPUMP 90ct Reviews

By: Nutraceutical Innovations

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nutraceutical Innovations for sending it out!
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  June 25, 2016

    • Not Effective
    • Too Expensive
    Once more, shout out and thanks to Nutraceutical Innovations.
    This review is for Mono Pump, their other pump/immune booster product. However, unlike 24HR Pump, Mono Pump doesn't seem to last 24 hours.

    The exact same main ingredient as in 24HR Pump. Only this time, "other ingredients" are rice flour, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.
    Ultimately, my opinion remains largely the same. It's great that there's only one active ingredient, but that can't be all when the ingredient is used in deodorants and to combat herpes.
    At the end of it all, I'm curious more than anything.

    Again, my opinion remains largely unchanged. Three caps are the recommended dosage according to the label, but their own reps counter that by saying five caps is the effective dose.

    Mono Pump grades out better, by the slightest of margins. It reminds me of a time in a high school algebra class, where my teacher gave me the "C" grade instead of the "D" grade I really had. It was a high enough "D" that he just went ahead and saved my ass from taking that useless class all over again. Not all heroes wear capes, you know.
    Anyways, unlike with 24HR Pump I jumped straight in at five caps per day, period. I was determined to get something out of this bottle, so I did what I know best: hammer away at the proverbial nail. It might have worked.
    I noticed a pump more than I had at any point with 24HR Pump, but still nothing close to "extreme muscle fullness". I even began getting stupid/bold with dosage, creeping up to six, seven, and even eight caps pre workout. Once again, the differences between each dose were so slight to might not have existed at all, but there was an improvement in the pump.
    As you can probably tell, this is most likely the weakest "C" grade I have ever handed out.

    VALUE: F
    Still not good. The price remains the same, maybe one dollar difference between Mono Pump and 24HR Pump, and the pill count per bottle remains the same.
    It's a decent price, but you'll be whipping through this tuff way too fast to get any value out of a bottle.

    More caps does equate to better results, but I'm not sure how much better. The price is ok, but the value is horrendous at the moment. You're better off looking elsewhere, which is a bit of a bummer. I was hoping this one worked this time.

    COMMENTS (3)

    • Frankiemusc
      Rep: +3,789
      June 26, 2016

      For a big strong guy, ur review is quite light

    • deumcole
      Rep: +4,742
      June 26, 2016

      What else is there to add? It didn't work.

    • NutraTeam
      Rep: +2
      Rep for this Brand
      June 30, 2016

      180ct bottles are available for less than the 90ct price :0
      Thanks for the review I realize being that this was a new application we needed to adjust dosing get the capsule count up per unit to make this cost effective and we did that. We've gotten some amazing reviews from this product across the board but it's not going to be miraculous for everyone unfortunately :(. Thanks for the review and so everyone is aware we did give users an unbelievable value on the 180ct bottles so the value part of your review might be misleading now...

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