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Hemorush is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Nutrabolics. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

See all 240 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +36
Trust: 32%
  December 5, 2012

Were the results what you had expected?
How many pounds of muscle/fat did you gain/lose?
Were there any negative side-effects?
How could this product be improved?
Will you use it again? Why/why not?

Hey guys, I am a trainer of two years and have taken a few pre workouts in this time. I was reading the reviews of this product and had to write something because these do not do justice to it.

1. Hemorush was recommended to me at my local shop to try.
2. I am writing this to give my experience of the product from reading a lot of hate from past posts.
3. I have used Neurocore, Hemo, Meso, Jackd, Xpand, swollen tabs, craze, beast etc
4. I finished Hemo two weeks ago and my diet has been clean for a while so nothing has changed for a while, just Hemo introduced as a new pre.

1. Acai Berry Flavor 1 scoop 26g
2. Flavor was nice, mixed with minimal water 200-250mL,
3. Within the first 10 minutes I could feel it picking up my energy levels.
4. During training I felt strong, pumped up, focused, something the better pre's I have taken before gave me.
5. I know the first few days it is the best feeling and it wares off pretty quick, but in saying that Hemo was good, was consistent for over 2 weeks then I started to add 1 1/2 scoops and away we go again.
6. its 50 servings so the extra I was putting in still made the tub last ages.
7. Would I by it again? Yes

ENERGY: 8/10
MIX: 10/10
FOCUS: 8/10

  • Increased Energy
  • Mixes Well
  • Endurance
  • Focus
  • Taste
  • Blood Pump
    Rep: +39
    Trust: 50%
      October 25, 2012

    hello, i would like to write about hemorush..i have bought this product before 2 years i think. i bought ιτ from a chain stores which is popular but expensive. i was a maniac with this product and i wanted it so much. well when i received the order i was vey happy cause i didnt know what would happen a few hours later.. finally it was time to hit the gym so i took one scoop of this "***" and tried to mix it with water in my shaker! I was trying trying and keep trying but nothing was happening... Mystery? ..yes! i spend over 15 minutes of shaking with all the ways (shaker, mixer, fork e.t.c) My biceps were pumped but that "***" wasnt mixing! All theese happy feelings i had when i received this were gone for ever.. Dissapointed from this failure i hit the gym without taking it the first day. After this i tried many times to take this supplement but i couldnt manage to mix it! I give it to friends but they had the same problem as me. I was angry and furious about spending my 50 euros into this crap so i decided one day t drink it although i couldnt mix it again. In substance it was like i put ιτ in my mouth and swallowed it with water like the pills! Crappy!!! No energy for me no endurance no something different and mainly NO MIXABILITY! I am a big jerk because i didnt return this and didnt ask my refund but know i know... So finally i rate this with a total zero (0) cause it was totally needless and expensive! I really dont know what happened with the mixability but i know that i never gonna buy it again.
      • No Mixability
      • No Endurace
      • No Energy
      • Expensive
      Rep: +6
      Trust: 0%
        February 29, 2012

      First off I'd like to say this is my first review, so please be kind. I've been reading reviews on this site for some time and thought I'd sign up.

      I was extremely disapointed with this product, given that I have found other products by nutrabolics to be very effective, and expected great things from Hemorush, though this was not the case. What had me sold on this product initially was that unlike other pre-workouts this is very low in sugars and other nasties.

      TASTE: This is by far THE WORST and I mean THE WORST tasting supplement I have ever taken, EVER! I started with one scoop which was hard enough to stomach ( I got the Acai Berry flavour) then when this become tolerable over time started taking two scoops which increases the flavour intensity and makes it even harder to stomach.

      MIXIBILITY: It mixes very well for a rather large scoop serving size, no powder left over even with two scoops. 10/10

      ENERGY: I did feel more focused and energised on this product, though if you're looking for pumps and vascularity and tunnel vision like focus, look elsewhere! On the upside I didn't experience any energy crash that some pre-workout powders can give you. I was disapointed that for such a large serving size, that I had to double the dosage to get any effect at all! Taking three scoops was impossible to stomach the taste was so bad, it also smells like an industrial strength cleaning agent!

      Value: 5/10
      Given the large container, it was cheaper than other "concerntrated" pre-workout powders that come in small tubs, and you end up taking two or more scoops to get them to work (like Jack3ed for example) If it was more effective, I would rate it higher.

      • Increased Energy
      • Mixes Well
      • Bad Taste

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