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Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

By: NutraBio

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out!
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  December 21, 2017

  • No Fillers
  • Super Clean Protein
  • Mixes Well
  • Lactose And Gluten Free
  • Dissolves Effortlessly
  • Delicious!
  • Amino Acid Profile


    First of all many thanks to the Troops Program and to Nutrabio for giving me the chance to try this.

    Ingredient Profile

    110 Calories
    Fat 0g
    Carbs 1g
    Protein 25g

    You get 25g Whey Protein Isolate on a 29.16g scoop along with almost non-existent fat and carbs...If you are on a strict diet this will help you with your goals. Very clean protein overall...I like the fact that they have the full amino profile of their protein and they even state the amount of flavoring they use which is always apreciated.


    I had the Cinnamon Bun which was pretty tasty.
    Mixability was great with little effort like you would except with Isolates.
    Dosing was 1 scoop in the morning...


    What i look for a protein is to help me achieve my macros and Whey Protein Isolate definitely helped me. The other things that i look from one quality protein is the three No's....I had no bloat, no stomach discomfort and no diarrhea...Also it doesn't sit on my stomach for a long time neither deterred me from eating in a short period which is great because sometimes Protein powders curb my eating habits in the morning.


    The 5lbs tub costs 80 dollars for 77.77 servings (Cinnamon Bun). 1.02 dollars per serving is a bit expensive but this is a quality protein from a reputative company.


    Overall a tasty Protein Isolate with no side effects to mention along with transparency. Helped me achieve my diet goals easily. Thanks for reading my review. Bye.
    • Cinnamon Bun: 9/10

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