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Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

By: NutraBio

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out!
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  December 13, 2017

  • No Fillers
  • Super Clean Protein
  • Mixes Well
  • Lactose And Gluten Free
  • Zero Fat And Carbs
  • A Bit Pricey
  • Light On Taste


Hello all, sorry for the delay on this review, 'tis the season of finals for a college student and I'm finally all caught up and can start getting some reviews done. I want to first thank both SP and NutraBio for providing me with a full container of their Chocolate Peanut Butter 100% Whey Protein Isolate. This was a pretty decent protein, I know that NutraBio has some very nice products and their protein was one that I needed to try.

Ingredient Profile

A very plain ingredient profile, if you know NutraBio they don't like to put anything in their product that doesn't need to be there.

3g Fat
2g Carbs
-1g Dietary Fiber
25g Protein
They include that there is actually 28.74g of whey protein isolate that will yield to 25g of protein

This is a very acceptable nutritional split for an isolate. 25g is a very good amount of protein although, being 200+ lbs and intensely train 4-6 days a week, I would still double scoop my protein whenever I took it.


I've mixed this with both water and milk, so I'll give an assessment of both of them

Taste (water): I had the chocolate peanut butter flavor which was not bad at all, but I was kind of disappointed I couldn't taste much of the peanut butter
Taste (milk): The taste kinda reminded me of a chocolate peanut butter ice cream's, but one of those that was way more chocolate than peanut butter

Mixability (water): I didn't have a problem with it mixing with water, it all seemed to mix thoroughly in 12oz
Mixability (milk): It definitely was a harder time getting it to mix all the way in milk. After I finished drinking it there would always be small bits of undissolved protein at the bottom of my bottle

Dosing: I would take 2 scoops of protein post workout and and mix it in 12oz of milk or water


While taking this product I noticed a progression of clean, lean muscle gain. I don't typically keep track of my numbers, but while taking this protein I hit a proud PR on bench press of 225 for 18 reps. *self-five* which before starting I was maxing that rep range out at about 14. I didn't gain nor lose any weight while taking this product either, but I was able to remain lean and make gains that I was able to see in the mirror and necessarily on the scale. As far as recovery, there wasn't any anything that gave me reason to think that did anything special to my recovery time compared to previous proteins i've had, so I'd say there was a standard recovery time.


On, a 2lb container is $39.99 coming out to $1.38 per serving

Side Effects



In all, I was very pleased with this product. It got the job done and helped me achieve decent growth while remaining somewhat lean. It's not too bad of a value either, so I would look into buying this again at some point.


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