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Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

By: NutraBio

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  November 22, 2017

  • No Fillers
  • Super Clean Protein
  • Mixes Well
  • Zero Fat And Carbs
  • Good Price
  • I Use It Daily


    Shout out to NutraBio for another fully disclosed product! This is my 2nd NutraBio product to try. I took this in conjunction with their Muscle Matrix Protein. This is actually my first stand alone isolate protein to ever take. Which thinking to myself now is pretty crazy considering I have been taking protein for 14 years now.

    Ingredient Profile

    As typical of NutraBio, they have a very clean/straightforward ingredient profile. Unlike a lot of other products, their products are FDA inspected and GMO free. At 110 calories and only 1g of carb per serving, this protein provides 25g of whey isolate protein. Whey isolate protein has a higher protein content and lower in carbs than standard whey. It is the purest form of whey and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.


    I sampled the cookies n cream in this product as well. Same thing for the tastehad a slightly different taste than normal cookies n cream, but not in a bad way. Just not as cookie n creamy as I was expecting. Serving size is 1 heaping scoop. I took 1 scoop in the morning mixed with milk and then 1.5 scoops mixed with water after my workout. The product seemed to mix pretty well with basically little to no clumping. I did not notice much of a difference in mixability between the water and milk.


    As I stated in my other review, I wish protein had a different section other than effectiveness to fill out. It is so hard to judge. It kept me full until my mid-morning snack/meal so I was happy!


    As for value, I found this online for $40. This price point seems to be right in-line with other whey protein isolates I found. So for such a clean product, I would say the value is pretty high.

    Side Effects

    I had absolutely no side effects while taking this product which is probably typical for most individuals.


    In conclusion, I thought NutraBio has a solid product with the combination of a great profile, good taste and mixability. The price was right on point with others so if you are someone that is looking for a good isolate to take, I would highly recommend this one. I was very pleased with my first take on a whey isolate.

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