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Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

By: NutraBio

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out!
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  May 19, 2017

  • No Fillers
  • Super Clean Protein
  • Lactose And Gluten Free
  • Zero Fat And Carbs
  • Full Disclosure Label
  • Pricey
  • Poor Taste


Thank you to SR and NutraBio for giving me the opportunity to review this product. So, I had the opportunity to stack NutraBio Whey isolate with their recovery formula and their pre-workout so I was able to reap the full effects. Whether you believe that stacking a certain company's products make it more or less beneficial is your opinion, but if I expect something to work then taking one company's products is the best way (my opinion). This was a solid product and I have finally found a protein that I feel working to the fullest.

Ingredient Profile

Whey Protein Isolate (28.74g - per product label) - Whey protein isolate is my favorite type of protein for two reasons: 1) because it is fast absorbing so it allows me to take it right after my workouts (when I like to) 2) Whey isolates may contain a higher percentage of pure protein and normally are lactose, carbohydrate, fat, and cholesterol free (similar to this product although there is some cholesterol <5mg). These product advantages allows a low calorie (110) shake that doesn't give that extremely full feeling after drinking it.

Amino Acids
Essential Amino Acids - Tryptophan (428mg)-- since the body cannot synthesize this it is necessary to obtain from your diet, Valine (1233mg), Threonine (1634mg), Isoleucine (1501mg), Leucine (2599mg), Lysine (2599mg), Phenylalanine (777mg), Methionine (536mg)
Conditionally Essential Amino Acids - Arginine (562mg), Cystine (697mg), Thyrosine (723mg), Histidine (402mg), Proline (1473mg), Glutamic Acid (4582mg)
Nonessential Amino Acids - Aspartic Acid (2599mg), Serine (992mg), Glycine (428mg), Alanine (1233mg)

FYI: BCAA 5.3g


A very OKAY taste. I received chocolate peanut butter and in my opinion there wasn't enough chocolate and too much PB. I really REALLY like chocolate flavored proteins so I noticed the lack of flavoring. With that being said, it still wasn't bad, it just was the best I have had. It mixed pretty well in my Blender Bottle (SR blender bottle Woo hoo!), with approximately 10-12 oz of water. As always if you want a thicker shake then use milk or less liquid. The scoop for this product was fairly large at 4.75tbs/30.86 grams. Honestly this isn't a big deal breaker for me, as long as the product works and I get the correct amount in every tub, I am happy.


GOOD! I give this a A grade. I don't know what it was about this specific protein or whether it was stacking it with other NutraBio products but I really felt that this protein worked for me, so I bought another 2 lb tub. I am now in phase 2 of the hypertrophy program I referenced in my last review, so muscle building and preventing injury are my biggest concern. I bench, squat, and military press every workout as the warm up and with constant heavy/compound lifts so I need a protein that will replenish my levels. I noticed gain in my shoulders and quadriceps, specifically, in increased tone and size. Now when I say gain, any long time weight lifter will know gains at this point come in small increments, but everyone knows their body and you should be able to tell if you have gained muscle or not.


On a 2 lb tub is $39.99 and on it is also $39.99 for a 2 lb tub. A 5lb tub on Amazon is fairly expensive running at $79.99 and they don't sell the 5lb tub on BB.

Side Effects



Overall this is a good product with a full disclosure label, which is always appreciated. The company itself is very reputable. They sent a folder with all the information about the three products I received, and included a shaker bottle with it. Above I listed all of the amino acids that are in this product in which most you probably have never heard of or just briefly. I think it is great that they included all of their ingredients on the label it means that the company has nothing to hide, and by the look of it wants all of their products to have the best possible ingredients. Additionally, the ingredient profile showed in the effectiveness to help build muscle and replenish the protein. Like I stated above the ONLY downside to this product is the taste of the flavor I got. My new tub is Rich Chocolate so I am hoping that it tastes a little better.
As always don't take every review to heart every person is different and reacts to a variety of ingredients. Make sure you do your research before buying any product!
Live Happy, Live Healthy

  • Chocolate peanut butter cup: 5/10

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