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Super Carb Reviews

By: NutraBio

  October 14, 2018

  • High Quality
  • True Label Disclosure
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Taste
  • Improved Recovery
  • Good Value
  • Clumps If Not Mixed Immediately

Quick Summary

NutraBio's "Super Carb" really is that... A super carb for before, during, or after your workout. I think no matter how you use this, it's very solid and is THE carb supplement that should be in your rotation (and your bag).


Hey everybody? I first heard about NutraBio from this Community actually and a few guys at my gym. I had never tried a carb supplement but I liked the idea of what it could potentially do for me so I decided to give it a try. I am currently running Nutrabio's creatine monohydrate, various pre-workouts, post workout protein, and casein at night. I experimented with using this supp at different times and I will cover that in this review.

Ingredient Profile

I love the ingredients in this and of course the fully transparent label that NB is known for.
The 2 pound container has one serving size as one scoop (28) grams for 30 servings in the container.
In one serving, you'll find:
-Only 100 calories
-25g of carbs in the form of Cluster Dextrin/Cyclic Dextrin -Cluster Dextrin is awesome because it is low-glycemic which is exactly what you want in a carb supplement. It also has slow-release properties, prolonging its effects (which I'll get into below).

There's also Calcium (95mg), Phosphorous (81mg), Magnesium (28mg), Sodium (50mg), Potassium (80mg) which are all part of the electrolyte component of this supp that takes it to the next level. Mainly, Potassium Phosphate and Sodium Phospate, with some Di-Magnesium Malate. Most other carb supps (maybe all) don't provide you with electrolytes, which not only makes this perfect for recovery but also sets it apart from the competitition.


I ran the "Kiwi Strawberry" flavor and I really enjoyed it. It was actually a good balance of the two, not overly strawberry or kiwi. I would mix one scoop in a shaker bottle with about 8 oz of water. I found that if I shook it in a shaker bottle, with the shaker ball, for maybe 20 secs, it mixed really well with no particles in the mix or on the bottom or sides of the bottle. Where I had issues is if I shook it without the actual shaker ball. Then it would get a little clumpy/gummy. Getting back to the taste for a minute here, it did not taste "chemically" whatsoever as some supplements do.


I experimented with this supp utilizing it in the following manners (as I had heard and read various opinions on when the optimal time to take it was):

Pre-workout- I took this a couple times about 20 minutes before working out. It gave me very smooth energy that crept up and then stayed sustained throughout a 40 minute workout. Afterwards, I still felt good, felt energetic but it was what I sometimes call "on call" energy where I felt energetic if I needed it but otherwise, only slightly felt the effects as it wore off. I did not take this with a pre-workout as there's no point, in my opinion. This energy is smoother than most pre-workouts and doesn't give you "bouncing off the walls" or "beast" feeling.

Intraworkout - I tried this a few times intraworkout. Again, very similar to what I said above, the energy was smooth and not immediately noticeable but post set after it kicked in, I realized that the sets were better and I felt better.

Post workout- This is what I bought it for and intended to use it for the most. After my workouts, I would take a protein shake at the gym then fill my bottle with this and drink it on the way home from the gym. I definitely felt really good and didn't have that "down" or "drained" feeling when I used this. It really did restore my energy post-workout. I lift very early in the morning before work because it's the only time I have to consistently do it, and usually I feel really tired by the time I get into work, having been up early to lift and getting into work in the morning. With this, I think it replenished my energy (and electrolytes) to the point where I wasn't getting as soon as I got to work. For me, taking it post workout was optimal, particularly after an intense workout.


I paid 39.99 directly from NutraBio. I've seen it anywhere from $34.99-39.99. It's a little hard to find outside of the NutraBio website but I know Vitamin Shoppe occasionally has it (as well as some other NutraBio products they recently started carrying). I think compared to the competition and what you're getting in the container, this is a good, fair price. If you're in the market for a carb supp, then you obviously know what you're looking for it to do or you at least have an idea. This gives you that PLUS electrolytes which makes it a no-brainer when you're looking for carb supp.

Side Effects

This is what I was a little nervous about before I tried it as i have read and heard about some people having digestive issues with carb supps. The first maybe 3 times I used it, I had to immediately "drop the Browns off at the Super Bowl" right after my work out. After that, my body adjusted to it and there were no other side effects.


This is a great carb supplement. It's not something I will run regularly, I don't think, just because the way I used it, it seems like it's most beneficial after a really intense workout. It doesn't seem like it's needed everyday in your everyday stack. That said, the taste is great, the label is ultra-transparent, the versatility and the added electrolytes make this a great "go to" product for anyone who utilizes carb supps and a great product to try as a first dabble into carb supps. One parting note: On the label they give mixing instructions for various volumes of water: "Mix 50 scoops of Super Carb into 5 gallons of water"
Bro, if you are running this out of a 5 gallon bucket, you are hardcore :)
Anyway, until next time.....
  • Strawberry Kiwi: 9/10


  • Rep for this Brand
    October 17, 2018

    Thank you for this in depth review!! I like using super carb during my workout for increased energy and strength too!

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