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PRE Workout V5 Reviews

By: NutraBio

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  August 18, 2018

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • Great Pumps
  • Research Based
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Uses Artificial Sweeteners
  • Little Too Expensive
  • Slight Crash
Quick Summary

Wanted to add my 2 cents to the already extensive list of reviews on what was, and sometimes still is, my favorite pre-workout on the market.


I am a 30-year-old male that has been lifting for about 7 years now. It has only been a year since I decided to start pushing my body further than it has ever gone before both in strength and physique all while switching to a vegetarian diet and starting a second business. With a background in nutrition science I have always been fascinated by the supplement industry but never before have I been so determined to maximize every bit of edge these products can give me.

Ingredient Profile

This ingredient profile is nearly perfect. Everything included is dosed exactly as it should be and the ingredients themselves are high quality. So high quality in fact that NutraBio stands by and releases third party test results. Talk about transparency and truth in labeling.

The list is extensive and has been covered extensively so I will not beat a dead horse. The thing I enjoy most about the profile is that NutraBio really went with everything but the kitchen sink. They didn't just add a few grams of L-Citrulline to compliment a weak dose of Nitrosigine, they included a full 6 grams of fermented L-Citrulline to 1 gram of agmatine sulfate and 750mg of Nitrosigine. This is as much of my favorite pump ingredients as I would want and dosed as recommended in almost every study I have come across.

The 3.5g of L-Leucine is a nice touch to aid with anti-catabolic measures and I like the perfect 3.2g of beta alanine which helps endurance a bit should your routine include cardio or higher reps. The 2.5g of Betaine and 2g of Taurine as well as the nootropic blend are all nice touches and have become fairly standard in all higher end pre-workouts.

I also love that they included creatine. I know some may be opposed to the inclusion of creatine in their pre but as I am not a stickler for the timing of my creatine and I do in fact take it, this is appreciated. Not to mention it is nicely dosed with 3g of monohydrate and .5g of Creatine MagnaPower. This means one less powder for me to mix in or a couple fewer pills to pop in a landscape where many pres seem to be dumping the creatine.

Of note is the inclusion of some high quality Calci-K electrolytes. They use artificial flavors and AceK/sucralose for sweeteners but there are no artificial colors with the amounts used listed. They list the amount of flavoring used, too. 725mg of natural and artificial flavors for the Raspberry Lemonade.

I guess I ended up beating a dead horse. I nerd out over this label.


I have only tried the Raspberry Lemonade flavor as the lemonade/limeade flavors are my favorites. The flavor of this is actually very light but they do get the flavor profile right with hints of tart lemonade. No lingering after taste and no detectible bitterness. It isn't something I would not necessarily sip on this for enjoyment but I by no means have any problem downing it on my way to the gym.


It mixes almost perfectly without much of anything settling. There is some foam left on the side of the shaker but I assume that is largely due to the L-Leucine. Refill once, swirl, down the rest.


I set 3 PRs while using my first tub; bench press, weighted dips and dumbbell shoulder press. This was at the same time I transitioned to becoming vegetarian and career stress hit an all-time high, so if anything I should have been holding on to my strength at best. I never once had a bad workout while using this even when I walked in the gym feeling like I was already dragging.

I attribute this mainly to my only having to worry about taking one supplement daily. While doing so, being able to take advantage of the maximum benefits of pretty much every compound in it. I don't know that I have ever so diligently maintained clinical doses of the most proven ingredients when I have had to fill gaps in other supplements or take multiple at once.

The focus and the energy I get from this product are also wonderful. The energy comes on smooth and the focus is there without the increase itself even being noticeable. I was able to focus much more easily on proper form and pay closer attention to which muscles I needed to activate or train harder instead of worrying about what my next workday was going to look like. The energy itself outlasted my muscles and I would often find myself working on other tasks at home or the office after leaving the gym more fervently and with a clearer head.

A clearer head until the crash set in. I do not know why I crashed the way I did off of this pre-workout and I really think it may have been caused by overtraining/two-a-days or my new diet much more so than NutraBio's Pre. Regardless, the irritability was certainly there after a long session in the gym. I had to start a few emails over after a few deep breaths when responding to high maintenance clients after the gym.


At the retail price of $39.99 it amounts to $2 per workout. Consequently, this is one of the more expensive pre-workouts on the market but it is also truly a one scoop, fully dosed, very high quality pre that could conceivably replace a few other supplements such as standalone creatine. As such I wouldn't say the value is outstanding but for such a premium product you do really get what you pay for.

Side Effects

I did crash after taking this product which surprised me. I do not view this pre as an especially stim heavy one and with the 350mg of caffeine anchored by 300mg of Theanine I did not anticipate much edginess after my workouts but there was in fact a decent amount. The edginess was not so much one of anxiety, either. The edginess was more the irritable type which my girlfriend absolutely adored (she hates pre-workouts). This may be mostly attributable to my caloric deficit and exacerbated by the fact this pre did allow me to train harder and longer.


I love this pre-workout. The ingredient list is nearly flawless and effectively replaces anything else I would consider taking other than BCAAs and occasionally a protein powder. The flavor is fine though I wish NutraBio would use natural flavors and sweeteners. The price is fair considering everything you are getting and with the exception of a come down that may not even be the fault of this product my experience with NutraBio's Pre has been phenomenal.
  • Raspberry Lemonade: 7/10

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