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Post has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

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By: NutraBio

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Post is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by NutraBio. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

Post has been reported as discontinued. See the replacement:

(Out of 10, after 3 reviews)


  February 24, 2015

  • Builds Muscle
  • Better Endurance
  • Great For Recovery
  • Difficult To Mix
  • Weak Flavoring
  • Not Cheap
Caveat: The "meh" rating is because I do not believe this is for everyone - for some people this can definitely be a highly recommended product.

I've always wanted to try this product as NutraBio is one of the top companies that I trust for quality and integrity. POST is touted as being scientifically designed for recovery and muscle building so I was "all-in" on giving this a try.

Ingredient Profile

As in all NutraBio products, there's total ingredient disclosure on the label. SD did a great job listing individual matrices, and that info is easily available online but I'll highlight the major parts:

The foundation is based on accepted doses of tried and true ingredients found in many products: 8g of 2:1:1 BCAA's, 5g of glutamine, 1.5g carnitine, 1.6g of beta alananine, 1.5g of betaine, 1.5g creatine HCL, electrolytes, vitamins, bioperine. Many of these are the very same ingredients that I've kept on hand to add in other products - so I was excited to see them all in one product. Also included was 500mg of ornithine AKG, an ingredient that increases protein synthesis and endurance and I've supplemented with in the past.

I like this - on paper, it has everything that most companies tell that you need for optimal recovery. However, I'd also question how it would compare to a formula that has carbs and protein. Maybe it would be cost prohibitive, but certainly adding this to a mix of HCBD and using for peri-workout nutrition would be awesome. Maybe take a page from Prime Nutrition and switch to EAA's instead of BCAA's and I think you've got a fantastic competitor to Intra-MD. But that's just speculation on my part and this is an older product that was formulated back when post workout window was still thought to be critical (not that it still isn't - it's all about context imo) and intra workout nutrition was not yet on the popular radar.


Ok, this will be a problem area for most people. First off, because of the fact that it's basically a mix of powdered aminos, it's not going to mix easily. There will be foaming. There will be grit. There will be gnashing of teeth. My first attempted solution was to mix this about 15 minutes before I drank it and giving it occasional swirls to help it mix. That was better but not perfect. I then decided to use warm tap water with this solution and only add ice before drinking - this worked pretty well but for most people, it's a pain in the rear. However, it does speak to the quality of the aminos and is more in line with the more effective amino products that I use. This also has a negative impact on taste/flavor as I've never come across high quality amino products that taste good without the inclusion of massive amounts of flavors and/or sweeteners. And since part of NutraBio's approach is no fillers or additives it's a choice that we as the user have to decide upon. (There's 750mg of natural flavoring, 90mg stevia and 30 mg acesulfame potassium - compared to other more popular products that have 3 times the sweeteners/flavorings)


As a 1:1 replacement to the standard post workout scoop of whey I found this to be less effective for me personally when used as the single form of post workout nutrition. However, if I was cutting or in a state of calorie reduction, I think this could be incredibly useful to maintain muscle and performance. It really comes down to how you are using it and overall nutritional plan - and that's why I say this is not a product for the beginner.

But I did find that for myself, this had higher than average value when used in conjuntion (for a few tweaks) with my normal training nutrition. I work out first thing in the AM. I typically get home from the gym at 0700 and about 15 minutes later drank my POST. I'd get ready for work and make a blender smoothie (high protein, medium carbs, medium fats) which I would take to work and then drink that about another 90 minutes later - so the overall plan gives me fantastic results and recovery. Is it the smoothie? Is it the POST? Hard to say but I do know that using both together worked very well for me. Likewise when you're cutting - life already sucks; I hardly think that would make it suck more.

So when I used it as I described, this did give me good recovery and less soreness and supported above average muscle building. When used alone without the presence of added carbs or protein, I found that those areas were lacking - better than if I was on a cut, but not as robust as I think most people would want.


Because of it's specific use/function (in my opinion only) I have to rate it lower in value overall; for the specific cases that I mentioned above I would find it incredibly high in value. Because of the high quality ingredients that NutraBio is known for, the peri-workout product that I speculated upon aboe would be incredibly valuable to me. (And incredibly expensive, lol.) This can only be purchased from NutraBio for a cost of $39.99 for 25 servings. That's over $1.50 per serving so it's more expensive than whey isolate (Nutrabio goes for a little over $1.00 per serving) and most beginner to intermediate people really can just stick to whey isolate and get great value without the advanced ingredients within POST. If you're at the level of training where this can be fit into your overall plan, then the $1.50 per serving is not even a factor.


This is a top shelf product - even a Rolls Royce kind of product and quality is second to none when it comes to the ingredients. But value to the average recreational lifter is questionable in my opinion; most of us will be better off selecting a whey product over an amino product in most cases to begin with. However, if you can use it, then I will assure you that NutraBio is one of the only companies that i have complete and total confidence in the quality of the products that I purchase from them. And that should mean a lot. The supplement industry is full of less than honest companies selling less than honest products - this isn't one of them.

  February 16, 2015

  • Better Endurance
  • Best As An Intra-Workout Drink
  • Not Effective
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
I’m a big fan of NutraBio and their products. They have been far ahead of the curve with respect to transparent labeling, effective ingredient dosing and clearly identifying their products are made in a GMP and FDA inspected facility. In other words, they let their products do the talking with results rather than ridiculous marketing hype. While I’ve found that last statement to be true for all the other NutraBio products I’ve tried before, POST was one that didn’t quite do it for me.

Profile Overview

The ingredient list for POST is rather sizeable and instead of listing every individual component here, I’ll highlight the multiple matrix’s included:

Every one scoop serving is 23.73 grams in the Grape flavor I had. There are 25 servings in each container.

The “Anabolic Growth iBCAA’s” matrix has 8 grams of 2:1 BCAA’s

The “Muscle Recover Accelerator” matrix has 7.5 gram blend of Glutamine, Carnitine, OKG and Glycine

The “Strength & Growth Matrix” blend is a 5.1 gram mix of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, Betaine, Creatine Hydrocholoride and Creatine MagnaPower©

The “Electrolyte & Rehydration Optimizer” matrix is a 1,935mg blend of Taurine, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate and Potassium Phosphate

Lately, the “Nutrient Absorption Enhancer” matrix consists of 5mg of Bio-Perine©


The recommended dosing is very easy: 1 scoop with 8-12oz of water within 30-45mins after your workout.

I started out with this dosing schedule and kept it up until I essentially gave up on it (approx. ½ of the container). I then moved on to a 1 scoop serving with approximately 20oz of water intra-workout. More on this below. The grape flavor was palatable, by no means delicious but easy enough to drink.

Effectiveness: 5/10

POST just didn’t do it for me as a recovery product. I noticed no discernible improvement in recovery when taking this as directed. I referred back to the directions a couple of times during my trial with this to see if there was any fine print or additional statements regarding usage. I took this immediately post workout, 30-45mins later, an hour later and still no difference. I was really bummed out as I had high hopes for this product.
From a post-workout/recovery perspective, POST gets low marks from me. However, I did find POST actually worked well as an intra-workout drink. Whether I had a pre-workout drink or not, when using POST as an intra-workout product I consistently had good workouts. Every sip between sets would send a rush of Beta-Alanine tingles across my body and my next set was refreshed and less fatigued. This is why I’m giving a 5 out of 10 rating – it didn’t really accomplish any post-workout recovery goals for me but did help with between set recovery and reinvigoration. From my perspective, POST is marketed as the wrong type of product and would be better served in the intra-workout category.

Value: 5/10

POST runs at $40 online for 25 servings. NutraBio charges a flat rate of $6 for shipping so if you’re ordering more products than just this one, it’ll bring your per serving cost down slightly. If you’re only ordering this product, your per serving cost ends up being: $1.84. That’s OK in my book for an effective post workout recovery drink (they hold a special place for me) but as an intra-workout product it’s on the rich side. As a comparison in the intra-workout product category, Bare Performance Nutrition’s Intra-Flight (which I believe is one of the best intra’s available) runs at $25 for 30 servings or $0.83 per serving. In that regard, there’s really no comparison.

Overall: 5/10

POST is only getting a 5 out of 10 from me here. It didn’t work for me in the manner it’s marketed for. If I were to use it again as an intra-workout product, it’s still too expensive to compete with other top-tier products and I would absolutely defer to them first over this.

Thank you NutraBio for continuing to allow the Expert Review team to evaluate some of your product offerings. I hope this helps you gain a better perspective of this product and assists in your decision to purchase.

  December 7, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Taste Good
  • Enhances Strength
  • Better Endurance
  • Great For Recovery
  • Reduces Soreness
    I usually don't get much into post workout products but after seeing this and the profile it really got me interested in wanting to try it. Usually I just stick with protein after my workouts because they are usually a lot cheaper and I get a lot more servings and will last me a lot longer. This I will say was a nice change from just straight protein and boy did it work.

    WOW the ingredient profile for this is very solid. I would list the ingredients on here but the list is just to long so I will post a link to their website so you can check them out which I would recommend you do.
    This is another great ingredient profile by this company. I really like that they don't use any prop blends in their products and don't hide anything they put in here and will disclose everything and just how much of each ingredients you are getting. Everything seems to be dosed really well and I like that they only use top notch ingredients. It's great to see they put no fillers in this. There are no added ingredients in here that you don't need or want. It's also nice to see they don't put any dyes in here.

    I like how they break down the ingredient profile into 5 complexes which I will list. The first one is Anabolic Growth iBCAA's, Muscle Recovery Accelerator, Strength & Growth Matrix, Electrolyte & Rehydration Optimizer, and Nutrient Absorption Enhancer, This I would have to say is one of the better ingredient profiles I have seen for a post workout product. They sure don't skimp on the ingredients and make it where you only need one true scoop to get the right dosage of each ingredient.

    Right now this product line can only be purchased through their website. You get 25 true servings for $39.99. The price does seem to be a little on the high side I think but you do have to take into count what all they put in here and know that each serving is a true one scoop serving. It would be nice to see some sites start carrying these products so we could get a little better prices and I feel it would help out this company more by getting the word out on there products. I would like to see them up the servings on this from 25 to 30. I think that would help make the value a little better. It's still worth the price they want but would like to see it drop just a little but I can deal with it.

    This comes in two flavors Grape and Peach Mango. They also have an unflavored also. I did not want to get another grape flavor since I was getting that flavor in there PRE and wanted to try their peach mango instead. When I ordered this they told me the peach mango was on back order so I just went with the grape instead because I did not want to wait for them to get the peach mango back in stock. I was rather surprised how the grape tasted. If you read my review I did on their PRE you will know I did not like the grape in the PRE at all. The grape in this product was a lot better tasting. I kind of looked forward to drinking this because I knew how much better it tasted. Like in the PRE the grape tasted very bitter and tart and in this product it was not very bitter or tart at all. It had more of a lighter grape taste to it which was a lot more enjoyable to drink. I just wish the grape in the PRE tasted as good as it did in the POST. This seemed like it had just the right grape taste to it where it was not to bitter or tart which was nice.

    When mixed this did get very foamy. I would rather not have all this foam in here but it was nothing I could not deal with. Other than the foam it seemed to mix fairly well with no left over little pieces in your shaker cup. When you are done drinking this you will get a bit of foam that will settle to the bottom of your shaker cup I noticed. Usually I would just add a little bit more water with it and then slam it. With this product you will only need one full scoop. They dose this very nicely so you don't need more than one scoop to get the right dosages. If you really need to I guess you could use more than one scoop but I don't see the need in doing that.

    Like I said at the beginning of this review I have never really been much into Post workout products and normally just do protein after my workouts. When I heard they had released this product and seen the ingredient profile for this I was like I need to give this a try. This is only the second post workout product I have tried. WOW this is some really good stuff. There are so many good things in here and at high amounts that make this such a great product that really works. This gave me some really good recovery and I workout 2 plus hours a day 5-6 days a week and need that good recovery. Only a few days after I started using this I could all ready start to feel my recovery was better.

    I usually get a lot of soreness in my upper back, shoulders, and neck/trap area and this really took a lot of that pain and soreness away. My DOMS were way better and a lot less sore. I know a lot of my strength gains went way up on all my lifts. This really helped me to lean out more and get a lot more cut up. I noticed a big increase in my endurance and recovery which is always nice to have. I feel this product can work great weather your on a bulk or trying to cut. Since there are no fillers and carbs in here someone who is cutting will do just fine taking this I think. My over all body just felt a lot better while taking this. After taking this product it has really gained my interesting in wanting to try more post workout products like this.

    Side Effects:
    Nothing I noticed.

    This product really impressed me a lot. This is something I would really like to use a lot more often instead of just protein only if the price was better on these kind of products and you got a lot more servings like can get with protein. Post workout products are nice to have once in awhile but I think for the most part I will just stick to my protein even though they do work. If I have the extra funds and want to try something like this I will. If you get a chance to try this product I would highly recommend giving it a try. Like I said before this gave me some really recovery and for what it does makes this a product I will be more than happy to try again some time.

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