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Muscle Matrix Questions

By: NutraBio

Is this recommended to take this before workout?

June 6, 2017

Should I use this before workout? Or should I drink whey protein isolate before workout instead as I understand the mix blend of proteins are ideal of post workout. Let me know thanks!


Rep: +3,098
Posted June 6, 2017

In my opinion, no fact at all. This is a protein supplement, meaning you use it when you need to add some protein. Before or after really depends on your schedule. Maybe if you are an elite athlete you could argue one for the other, but in my experience it just doesn't matter. I've used concentrate, isolate, real food, it just depends on my schedule that day. It also will depend on how "full" it makes you. Nobody wants to train bloated. So try it both ways and use the one that works the best.
Rep: +1,095
Posted June 7, 2017

WisGuy nailed it. Think of it as a good product
Rep: +39
Posted June 16, 2017

I'll 3rd what Wis3guy already said. Studies have shown protein blends tend to perform marginally better when compared to isolates, but if you're supplementing protein with a shake, the most important factor is that you're hitting your macros. If you eat enough protein to hit your macros without a shake...then you don't need a shake.

I personally buy blends because I like the taste. Whey is often thinner and casein thicker and a blend hits a nice mid-point no matter what I'm mixing it with.
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