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Java Whey Protein Reviews

By: NutraBio

  March 22, 2014

  • Great Coffee Flavor
  • Ultra Pure Isolate
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Texture Was A Bit Off
  • Bigger Tubs
Most people have been taught to consume a protein shake post workout, personally I have always enjoyed consuming my shakes anytime during the day. When I learned about Java Whey I was super stoked because as of late I have been focusing a lot more on pre workout nutrition. So instead of consuming a pre workout stimulant drink I found that Java Whey gave me the perfect amount of energy while feeding my muscles with quality protein.


From start to finish I chose to take one scoop of Java Whey 30 minutes pre workout, I never used this protein on rest days. I have never been a fan of the taste of coffee but for some reason I found Java Whey to have a pleasant taste. For me the coffee flavor wasn't over powering it was just right. One problem I did have with this stuff is the mixing was a pain. It seemed like it left a slimy residue in my shaker cups.


Protein is one of the hardest supplements to gauge its effectiveness, because it doesn't provide you with instant noticeable effects. I have found if a protein is poor in quality it gives me stomach issues. With Java Whey that was never the case. Also the added 200mg of caffeine provided me with right amount of energy to get through my workouts. It was never a crazy stimulant feeling just a nice smooth alert feeling.


My only problem with the value on this product is it doesn't come in larger tubs. I would like to see NutraBio make five pound tubs. With that said the two pound tubs go for $28 for 29 servings. For me 29 servings lasts me a little over a month because I only train 5 days a week. For me this makes the value well worth it, quality pure protein isolate with no fillers, you cant beat that.

Java Whey is a versatile protein that can be used in many different ways. I chose to use it pre workout only but I feel like taking a Java Whey shake would be a lot better for you than a Red Bull. Java Whey may not give you wings but it gives you protein!

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