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Java Whey Protein Reviews

By: NutraBio

  March 19, 2014

  • Ultra Pure Isolate
  • Good Value
  • Texture Was A Bit Off
  • 200mg Will Effect Everyone Differently
  • Taste Is Mediocre
When I first heard about Java Whey, I thought it was a great idea. A convenient way to get a quick breakfast in with stimulants to get you ready for the day. How could this not be good? Well, I'll explain why sometimes, less is more.


I love the lack of a long ingredient list. Isolate(non-denatured), coffee, added caffeine... simple! The macros are great as well.


With the added vitamins/minerals, this can be used as a meal replacement as well. Some of the minerals and vitamins are lower quality however, cyanocobalamin B12(debatable), magnesium oxide come to mind.

The 200mg of caffeine is what really caught my eye. 1 scoop gives you the same amount of caffeine as roughly 2 cups of coffee.


Well, gotta be honest here, I was not a big fan of the flavor in this one. I usually love mixing coffee and protein in the morning. It could be because I like my coffee black, but this just doesn't compare. Perhaps making the coffee flavor stronger would help.

It mixes decent, although I usually got a few clumps here and there, uncharacteristic of an isolate. It should be noted that when looking at the powder itself, it looks to be speckled, much like cookies n cream protein powders(thanks lava)

The weird part was the texture. Mixed in water, if I did not drink it immediately, I found it to have a rather gross slimy texture.


Now I would normally give this a 9, because well, it's protein, but due to the fact that this cannot be used late at night; the time when I usually have a protein shake to fill in my macros, I feel I need to bring this down. It is not very versatile. I know this is meant for the morning, but I have a problem with a protein powder I cannot take anytime.

The energy from 200 mg will effect everyone differently, but I personally feel it is too much. Taking 2 scoops will bring you up to 400mg of caffeine, something many people cannot handle very well. I think 100mg-150mg per scoop would make this much more versatile.

No digestion issues to note.


You can get this directly from Nutrabio for $28 or so.

For a high quality isolate, $14 a pound is not a bad deal. Props here.


So, even though the quality of this product is solid, I cannot give this a higher rating due to the fact it cannot be taken anytime, and the taste/texture is "meh". I personally think it is better to do it the old school way and just mix in protein powder, with coffee when you need it.

Give this product a try, because most people on here seem to like it, I'll be on the sideline on this one however.


  • lava135
    Rep: +7,017
    March 19, 2014

    Looks like I wasn't the only one that had issues with it gelling.

  • line6reed
    Rep: +3,154
    March 19, 2014

    I enjoyed this protein it's definitely a thumbs up in my book.

  • AS79
    Rep: +3,851
    March 19, 2014

    Definitely tastes better with milk.

  • FlashReborn
    Rep: +1,445
    March 19, 2014

    I bought this and think I am going to experiment with mixing this with chocolate and banana flavored proteins, plus adding instant coffee. See if that helps with mixing issues and overall flavor.

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