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Java Whey Protein Reviews

By: NutraBio

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out!
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  December 29, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Quality Protein
  • Fully Disclosed
  • Added Vitamins And Minerals
  • Texture Was A Bit Off
  • Taste Is Mediocre


First I would like to thank NutraBio for once again allowing me to review one of their supplements, and the SR TROOP's program for making the connection possible. JavaWhey peaked my interest because I love coffee and use protein powders, so figured I might as well request to try the bottle. The product did give a slight energy boost, had a decent coffee taste, and overall worked as it's supposed too.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile is pretty simple and fully disclosed as per NutraBio's motto. First you have a multivitamin complex at about 1/3 your daily recommended value except for vitamins B6 and B12 which there's an abundance of. Nothing wrong here and nice to get some extra nutrients in diet especially for us active peeps.

Whey protein comes in at 25g's per serving which is an awesome amount for quality isolate. Now there's also 200mg of caffeine as well, which I was under the assumption came only from the coffee being added. However, only 38mg are from the coffee, and the other 162 are caffeine anhydrous.

I think if it was only from coffee I would have liked it better to have a stronger taste, but I guess that's personal preference and I'm sure the mixture would probably be off as well. Lastly, there's only 110 calories per serving for those who are doing fat loss.


Taste is pretty good, but as I said I thought there'd be more of a coffee flavor. Mixing with water is perfect and the taste is awesome, but in milk the mixture is slime-like and not very pleasant texture-wise. So if you want extra calories from milk then eat a cheese stick or something similar. Seriously lol dosing I'd say is when you need protein and an extra kick. Wouldn't recommend this at night basically.


I'd say the effectiveness from this supplement comes from energy, recovery, and feeling full since it is protein. Energy wise the caffeine is noticeable enough to give you energy, but I wouldn't suggest thinking of this as like a pre-workout type of energy. Then the recovery portion seemed to be fine since it didn't drop when using this particular product, and then the protein did make me feel full for a couple of hours. Overall JavaWhey did what it was supposed to do. Nothing more or less.


This comes in at $39.98 for 29 servings no matter where I looked. I'd say this is pretty pricey, but then again you're paying for quality and the extra ingredients added in with the 25g's of protein per serving. Basically this is catered towards those who want quality over price, so that's how I look at the value as well. If you wanted coffee with protein that's cheaper add a scoop of another whey protein to your mug.

Side Effects



I'd recommend this supplement to those who are seeking a protein with caffeine added in. I don't think it's for everyone price wise, but you will get the quality you're paying for. Taste is decent but I'd like more coffee flavor honestly. Thanks for allowing me to review your JavaWhey product NutraBio.

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