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Extreme Nitric Oxide Stack has been reported as discontinued.

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Extreme Nitric Oxide Stack Reviews

By: NutraBio

  October 19, 2013

  • Good Taste
  • Dosent Do Anything
Special thanks to the fine folks at Nutrabio for taking part in the ER program, and sending this out to me to try. Nutrabio is stand up company that's been around since 1996. Their products have no fillers, no excipients and no additives and also all there products are manufactured in a GMP&FDA inspected facility. But just because its pure doesn't mean it works this product came up very small and should probably be reformulated.

L-Glutamine 4000mg
AAKG 3500mg
C-AKG 3000MG
Taurine 2000MG
Beta Alanine 1600mg
Citrulline Malate 1000mg
OKG 850mg
As you can see the profile isn't nothing jaw dropping I would have liked to see some bcaas/eaas added to the mix. At least then the claim of maximizing protein synthesis and speed muscle recovery could be taken serious. I also don't understand Why Nutrabio recommends taking one serving pre workout and another serving 4 hours later. I never understood the point in the second dose personally I feel this product would be better used as an intra workout drink.

Product overview/Effectiveness:3/10 Extreme Nitric Stack is marketed as a product that maximizes protein synthesis, speeds muscle recovery and get continuous pumps! Extreme nitric stack provided none of those benefits. My pump remained the same as it usually is on any other workout day. I did not recover any faster and from the ingredient profile I cant see how this product maximized protein synthesis. The flavor I received was kiwi strawberry which was really pleasant probably the only highlight of this product.

I never base my value on price I base my value on results. This product didn't provide any such results at all other than a pleasant taste. The price for this is $39.99 for 30 servings and if you follow the dosing protocol on the label that's 15 days worth. That's over $2.65 per day there is no way to justify that price, I don't care how pure the ingredients are.

There is no way I could tell anyone to spend there own cash on this stuff. I'm a lifter not a politician/salesman so if your on the fence about this product jump right off because you will surely be let down.

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