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Extreme Nitric Oxide Stack has been reported as discontinued.

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Extreme Nitric Oxide Stack Reviews

By: NutraBio

  August 30, 2011

  • Good Taste
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Not Much Energy.
Hi everyone this is another PWO review and my first NutraBio review. I had bashed NutraBio on a thread for creating their own reviews on this site. When a rep responded and said no one from the company had written any reviews that he knew of. I was then asked to try a product and do an honest review. I chose this one because the profile looked interesting.

Profile=9 as some of you know im not a fan of superstim pwo (jack3d, 1mr, etc etc). The profile is great with 4g of glutamine, 3.5g AAKG, 3g of CAKG (a form of creatine that i dont think i have tried before), 2g of taurine, 1g of citrualine malate, 500mg of beta alinane, and 850mg of Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate which is again new to me. this is per 1 scoops. I took 2 scoops of this as a PWO. a big plus for showing the amounts and not the annoying "PROP BLEND".

Price=8 you get a very good amount for 40 bucks (i got it for fee haha) but i did take me a month and a half to finish with a 2 scoop serving so thats why i gave the value a 9.

Pump=9 I very nice pump here, Which it lasted a little longer than most nitric products. I felt it more in my chest which almost dosent happen.

Energy=7 the energy was ok. only 1g of beta alaline and 2g of taurine per 2 scoops. but for a product that is focused on a pump you really cant expect much. again i dont feel the need for so much extra energy.

Taste=8 i had the blood orange flavor and it was really good. it kind of reminded me of those 25 cent drinks i used to get at the corner store when i was a kid.

effectivenes=8 for a nitric product this is way better than average. as an overall preworkout it works great if you dont need the caffine or 1,3 dim that ppl need now a days. no stomach cramps or anything weird like.

I would recommend this to pretty much anyone who is looking for a solid pwo. If you cant get through a workout without using a heavy stim based pwo than stay away. The price is good for the amount you get. but try to find cheaper online. the price is for nutribio's site.


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