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100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate Reviews

By: NutraBio

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out!
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  January 29, 2018

  • Builds Muscle
  • Helps Recovery
  • No Side Effects
  • Muscle Fullness


    First and foremost I would like to thank NutraBio for sending me out their product so I could try it and review it for you guys. I would also like to thank SR for providing me the opportunity and the tools so that I can share with you guys my experience.

    Who doesn't want to be stronger when going to the gym? I sure do ... This is the only widely proven supplement that can help you gain strength ... I already use creatine but figured why not try something from the top shelf and see if I'm missing anything ...

    Ingredient Profile

    5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate with every scoop.


    I took a scoop and a half with either my pre-workout or my natural testosterone ... very easy to mix and couldn't taste the difference. The reason for the higher dosage is because I weight 235 pounds ... so 8 grams is the recommended dosage for my weight.

    Use this link to figure out your creatine consumption


    Creatine has been the most studied and most trusted supplement in the world. This is the only supplement that can actually help you get stronger. They are coming up with some other ATP products out there ... but for the price ... there is nothing like it. There are plethora of benefits that this ingredient provides ... that helped me and countless others to breach their plateau ... I don't think I need to convince anyone the benefits and the effectiveness this product has on our bodies. Although, I'm sure people will want to know that this creatine did not cause me to bloat.


    NutraBio is never going to cost the same as other supplements ... and this is the case with this product. It won't be very difficult for me to compare this to other products so I'm not going to bother. What you need to know when you are going to try to figure the value of this product is that having a "high grade standard" costs money ... Now, does it make it ok to price this creatine twice as much above the others? So, this cost 14$ for half a pound ... I personally bought micronized creatine monohydrate 1 kilo(2.20462 lb) for 18$ that has FDA certificate ... You be the judge ...

    Side Effects

    None for me ... I haven't experienced any bloating effects with any creatine I have taken so far ... maybe on a very rare occasion depending if I ate, and what I ate.


    Good quality creatine that you pay a little more for that peace of mind. Personally I have another source that is half the price for what I feel like the same quality. Although, it's not proven on paper like NutraBio the effects I felt were similar. If you want to be sure you are getting a quality product than go for this and be worry free. If you are frugal like me than I would shop around for other brands that probably offer the same quality. Thank you for reading this and I wish you get stronger everyday.

    COMMENTS (5)

    • BlakePullen
      Rep: +1,915
      January 29, 2018

      Good review, Monohydrate will always be my creatine of choice. If it was good enough for old-school bodybuilder's than its still effective for me now

    • workoutguru
      Rep: +5,731
      January 29, 2018

      When I saw this show up on the trooper list I wanted to claim it but every time I use creatine mono I bet a lot of really bad bloating. It does really work well for me and does give me a lot of strength gains but it's the really bad bloating I don't like. Maybe coming from a solid company like Nutrabio it is made a lot better so you don't get as much in the way of bloating.

    • TJHreviews
      Rep: +117
      March 2, 2018

      unnecessarily uses "..."

    • TJHreviews
      Rep: +117
      March 2, 2018

      also, you should have used "then" instead of "than" in your sentence, "If you want to be sure you are getting a quality product THAN go for this and be worry free"

    • bzyczek
      Rep: +1,739
      March 2, 2018

      TJHreviews, thank you for the corrections. Unfortunately this review has been on for a while so can't fix the bugs ... I know that my dots are frequent .. but everyone has their own style of writing ... i guess you can call it my signature :P

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