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Beta Alanine Reviews

By: NutraBio

  February 28, 2016

  • Good Value
  • Carnosyn
  • Increased Endurance
  • Gmp And Fda Inspected
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Itchy Nipples


    (Background info on yourself, diet, experience, goals, first thoughts on the product and how you discovered SR)
    I have been working out for a little over 12 years. Finally got my diet in check 6 years ago. Now I focus on supplements to supplement my diet and I try to learn as much as I can about ingredients before I put them on my body, I'm no expert but I'm trying to better myself with supplements and review products that work and do not work for me personally.

    Ingredient Profile

    Plain and simple, the tub has 360 grams of beta alanine and you get 2g per scoop.
    Other Ingredients: ABSOLUTELY NONE.
    I love that even though this is a single ingredient supplement.
    Nutrabio's Beta-alanine is also non-GMO, gluten free, kosher/vegetarian and tested for potency. Always a huge plus.


    Mixes very well with everything that I have tried. Water(in bottle or shaker), mixed with a pre workout. I never had problems with it.

    Tastes like absolutely nothing. No after taste. Nothing. Probably one of the very few supplements are is truly unflavored.

    I love 4 grams of beta alanine pre workout. But sometimes when I take a pre workout that already has beta alanine I add it to my intra workout/bcaa drink.


    Like I explained on another one of my interviews of a beta alanine product, I love the effects it gives me. I started using it after reading an article on how it helps with your endurance when you are running and bike riding. I'm horrible at running and being in the military is not a great thing to be horrible at running lol. The study I read said that individuals, runners to be more exact, who took 4g of beta-alanine a day were able to run for longer and decrease their run time. In my case, I can def feel a difference mentally and physically when I take beta alanine. I don't if it's me over thinking about how I'm going to run faster or if it's the itching in my ears, face, back, butt cheeks and nipples that get me going faster. BUT whatever it is it works for me.

    When I build my own pre workout I put it 4g of beta alanine, that's what the study said so that is what I do. When I take a pre workout that already has 1.6g of beta alanine, I put it 2g of it on my intra/bcaa drink. If I take a blend pre-workout and I have no idea how much beta-alanine is in there I just say F it and put in 2g in there and another 2g in my intra/bcaa drink. That's how I do it and how I prefer it.


    I got my tub shipped for $20. Good price for me. I don't like paying more than $1 per serving on supplements, especially one that is a single ingredient.

    I did a quick search on google and only found 2 places amazon and their own website. Amazon a bit cheaper and their site is $28.xx plus shipping. I don't like that price personally.

    Side Effects

    For a problem for me BUT If you are new to beta alanine you will be very very itchy! But don't worry that feeling will go away with time. The more you take beta-alanine the more your body gets used to it and the less you will feel with time.


    I absolutely love beta alanine. I will always have it running through my body when I do a workout, cardio session or PT with my unit. Nutrabio put this out there with a true 2g scoop which I love instead of the 1.6g like many. If the price is right I will continue to buy it.

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