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BCAA Natural Reviews

By: NutraBio

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BCAA Natural is a BCAA/Intra-Workout manufactured by NutraBio. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.
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  September 20, 2017

  • Naturally Flavored
  • No Dyes
  • Simple Product
  • Right Ratio Of Aminos
  • No Prop Blends
  • Good Value
  • Only One Flavor Currently Available
  • Too Acidic

Introduction + Ingredient Profile

I received Nutrabio's BCAA 5000 through the TROOPs a few months back and liked it. They also produce a BCAA natural which contains the same profile, just using natural flavors and sweeteners. I am a big advocate of going all natural when possible, so I purchased this to try out. We all know that BCAAs are important for muscle growth because they are the "building blocks" of muscles. NutraBio uses high quality fermented BCAAs at 5 g a scoop in the recommended 2:1:1 ratio. There is 2.5 g of leucine, 1.25 g of isoleucine and 1.25 g of valine. BCAAs are essential for muscle repair and growth. They are best taken around your workout. The fermented BCAAs are cool because they are vegan and have no chance of being sourced from animal hair/feathers. The other ingredients in here are natural flavor, citric acid, monk fruit extract, and stevia leaf extract.


Taste 6/10: The only flavor currently available is the lemonade flavor and it taste okay. It has a very bitter taste that is a quality of the stevia. It is also pretty acidic which leaves that weird feeling on your teeth. If you are familiar with any acidic foods, you will know what I'm referring to.

Mixability 8/10: For some reason, this seemed to mix up a little better than the BCAA 5000 I had a few months ago. There was a lot less foaming with this version and a lot less of the product sticking to the shaker bottle. Maybe one of the flavorings in the BCAA 5000 affected the mixability.

Dosing 10/10: Same as the other version. One scoop twice a day. I dosed mine whenever I felt like I needed it or wanted something other than water to drink.


With a basic profile such as this, results are going to be limited. However, there was a subtle decrease in soreness and allowed me to continue my training without being affected as badly from previous gym sessions. I was able to drink more water during the warm summer months and stay better hydrated. That was another reason I decided to purchase this since it was lemonade flavored. Almost everyone enjoys lemonade during the summer. Obviously this is not your super sweet lemonade, but it did have that slight sour and sort of sweet quality that you would look for in a lemonade.

I did not always dose this at two scoops a day, but I would usually either have a scoop if I ran that day or if I was feeling a bit dehydrated due to working out in the heat. Basically I used it more for hydration than a recovery supplement, but it did aid a bit in that department as well.


I like that they charge the same for the natural version. Sometimes when companies go with a natural line, it costs a bit more because the ingredients are a little more expensive. This can be founds on Nutrabio's website or for just $30 not including shipping. This only contains 60 servings as opposed to the 63 servings you get in the BCAA 5000 so that is how they can charge the same price, but still $0.50 a serving is not the worst price for a quality BCAA.

Side Effects



If you liked Nutrabio's BCAA 5000 and are interested in a natural line, then obviously you should try this one out. If you could not care less what a product is sweetened with, then stick with the other version which has more flavors available and a few more servings.
  • Lemonade: 6/10


  • Zsteinf
    Rep: +1,401
    September 20, 2017

    Good review. This is one of those short and sweet reviews. I like how u combined some topics together and spent enough time on value and taste/dosage/mix-ability. I like the hydration that it comes with as I sweat a lot.

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