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BCAA 5000 Reviews

By: NutraBio

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  May 14, 2017

  • Simple Product
  • Good Value
  • Maintains Muscle Mass


    I've always been an advocate for utilizing BCAA's in any supplement stack and am perpetually on the hunt for the best bang for my buck, so when I saw that a company like NutraBio that has a great supplement track record offers a straight forward BCAA product at a reasonable price I had to see if it's everything it seems to be. Thanks to NutraBio for giving me the opportunity to give BCAA 5000 a try! Now lets see how it stacks against the competition!

    Ingredient Profile

    BCAA 2:1:1 Ratio (5g): NutraBio decided to go old school with this product and offer its customers a absolutely bare bones and straight forward product with absolutely no bells and whistles. I personally have no problem with that either because at the end of the day you pay good money for a BCAA product to primarily get quality BCAA's and this product delivers. For those who are not aware of the reason people typically take BCAA's I'll do a quick summary for education sake. The body uses 3 primary sources for energy throughout the day to process all the movements and biological functions we perform throughout the day using either carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to fuel the activity. Though the body doesn't typically prefer to use proteins as a primary energy source, it does happen, and unfortunately it sometimes resorts to breaking down our hard-earned muscle mass into amino acids to use as that protein energy source. By supplementing ourselves with an amino acid product like BCAA 5000, we provide an alternate source of amino acids for our body to use instead of breaking down our muscles. Think of it as a sort of muscle insurance plan. It doesn't 100% stop the process of muscle breakdown but it is supposed to reduced the effects rather significantly, plus it flavors our water pretty nicely so there's that too.

    Flavoring (1.24g): This is what I love so much about this company, they always offer absolutely 100% disclosure with all of their products concerning ingredients. I have personally never seen a company go the extra mile to let their consumers know EXACTLY what they are taking. There are no hidden doors or devious tricks that NutraBio plays with its products and I know I may sound a bit bias but they really are amazing and I've seen it time and time again with the handful of products that I have had the pleasure of using from this company. Kudos to NutraBio on continuing to be at the forefront of the supplement game when it comes to honest labels.


    I had the opportunity to test out their Grape flavor, which I thought did a good job of capturing a mild "Bubblegum Tape" grape flavor that I'm sure most of us had the pleasure of chewing on during our hay days. It mixes well with the intended 16oz of water with a good shake and does result in a good amount of frothy bubbles that accumulate at the top and take a couple moments to dissipate. The dosing is a pretty standard 7g scooper that I've seen and used fairly often with other BCAA products in the past.


    I always say it but BCAA products that are pretty bare bones BCAA are really tough to judge objectively on their effectiveness due to its nature of being an anti-catabolic supplement. I typically use a BCAA product at all times throughout the year and with the substitution of using this product instead of my usual BCAA product I did not notice any significant bodyweight fluctuations that would be attributed to muscle loss so I would have to say that BCAA 5000 did its intended job. It also makes drinking water mid-workout a lot more enjoyable to have a tasty flavor attached to it. It should also be noted that during this period I was also using Reload Recovery Matrix by NutraBio that includes high doses of BCAAs that may interfere with the effect of this product, that product was taken typically hours post-workout while I used this product solely intra-workout.


    I've scoured the internet and found BCAA 5000 for as cheap as $27 for a 64 serving tub, which puts it at 42 cents per serving. This is absolutely an affordable price for a BCAA product especially from a company that is known for its quality. It may be possible to find cheaper BCAA products if you look at new shady companies but the supplement world is full of fakers and I think NutraBio's pricing for BCAA 5000 is more than fair and gives yourself the peace of mind that you're taking absolutely what you think you are.

    Side Effects

    I personally had no adverse effects from using this product.


    NutraBio continues to dish out solid products at reasonable prices and BCAA 5000 is no exception. Its exactly what anyone in the BCAA market is really looking for without all the bells and whistles that would potentially jack up the cost. BCAA 5000 might be an absolutely bare bones product but I'm completely fine with that, espcially since product's price is so affordable. So there's really not much to say other than that if all you're looking for is a straight forward BCAA product without all the extra frills than look no further than BCAA 5000. Cheers Fellas!
    • Grape: 7/10

    COMMENTS (2)

    • kaka
      Rep: +919
      May 14, 2017 - Last Edited: 2017-05-14 08:03:25

      First of all, it's too greedy to claim 2 products on Recovery and 1 on BCAA/EAA to use them simultaneously on one month (Apr 9 to May 8) nothing against the rules but still no good....but the worst for me is that you don't even mention that you were using this product along with other BCAA's - recovery products and not as standalone (Gnarly BCAAs Nutrition + NutraBio RELOAD Recovery Matrix). Also your effectiveness sector is rather bare practically you don't say anything about effectiveness only that it's hard to judge objectively a BCAA product...Obviously it is if you are running 2 BCAA's products (Gnarly BCAAs Nutrition + BCAA 5000) along with a recovery product NutraBio RELOAD Recovery Matrix on a monthly run. Very difficult to say which helped you and which did not.

    • Wade419
      Rep: +1,150
      May 14, 2017 - Last Edited: 2017-05-14 13:35:31

      You're right regarding me having the multiple products at the same time but I did not cross use both BCAA products at the same time, I should have mentioned it in the effectiveness category that there were points that I was using the Reload Recovery Matrix in conjunction with the BCAA's that is essentially the same product, people will typically be on all sorts of supplement stacks while using one particular product that will crossover between pre's, post's, intra's, whatever (creatine, CM, electrolyte blends, BCAAs) so I don't think it's so ridiculous but I do stand by my reviews. I do promise that in future reviews to include any similar crossing with other supplements I'm taking. I appreciate the heads up though. I will make the appropriate corrections to my review and if you think appropriate, please alter your opinion.. otherwise thanks again and I'm sorry for the mess up.

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