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Raptor has been reported as discontinued.

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Raptor Reviews

By: Nutra Clipse

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Raptor is a Prohormone manufactured by Nutra Clipse. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

Raptor has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


Only 3 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  July 7, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Strength Increases
  • Shin Pumps!
  • Fat Gain
  • Cardio Killer
This is a grossly overdue review.

This was my first PH that I have tried as part of my ER program. This is not the original "Raptor" by Nutraclipse, but actually "Raptor Redux" which is the newest version containing:
2a, 17a-dimethy-5a-androst-3-one, 17b-ol 10mg
2-Cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-one 10mg

Which is Superdrol and cyanostane if im not mistaken by nomenclature.

Cycle info:
I ran the 30 days at 3 caps a day which was the whole container of 90 capsules.
I preloaded with milk thistle and hawthorne berry only 1 week before hand and then switched to CEL Cycle support for the actual cycle. I would dose one pill in the morning, and two prior to workout.
After the cycle I used a PCT consisting of Toremefine Citrate, animal stak and DAA. I continued with milk thistle and hawthorne berry post cycle to help with blood pressure and liver help.

Results/ Effectiveness: 8
My strength was the biggest changing factor and I did put on about 8-10lbs on this cycle. My body composition was not drastically changed but then again I did not implement a cutting or a traditional bulking diet during cycle. I did make sure than I consumed at least 200g protein daily with a generally clean diet to fill in my daily calories.
Strength on my squat went up about 80lbs and my bench increased about 40lbs. My overall appearance was more "block-type" bulky rather than ripped or shredded since I did not cut at all on this cycle.

Cardio was extremely painful and I would get tremendous painful shin pumps anytime I ran or jogged. My cardiovascular capacity was not diminished but my ability to push my body was certainly diminished.
At one point I had a formation run and I kept up during the whole run but when I was done, my shins were totally seized up and I could not relax the muscle for almost an hour after the run. If you play sports, I would not suggest you use this product.

Value: 8
At $44 its really no bargain but it also does not break the bank like alot of N2BM ph's like helladrol, beastdrol, and epi-strong. Its pretty average for price so it gets an 8.

Overall: 8
Despite its obvious levels of liver toxicity, I experienced exactly what I expected in terms of side effects. My strength results were great and I kept my gains long past my PCT. Terrible diet and lack of training due to job however has cannibalized alot of those muscle gains since.
If you tried to use this product with a cutting diet, I would suggest you go for 6 weeks instead of the 4 weeks in order to experience a more pronounced effect. Cycling past 6 weeks is too dangerous with the liver toxicity in this type of compound.

Sorry for not posting this up sooner, and a big Thank you to Nutra Clipse and the ER program.

  March 18, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Good Strength Increases
  • Back Pumps
  • Side Effects Are Stong
  • Shutdown Risk
Not for the uninitiated.

I have posted often about how you need to really study if you're planning to run a PH. And doing PH's are no laughing matter. This compound is some serious shiznit, and while I can say I got some good results from the short run, I can also categorically state that you will experience side effects, and if you're not prepared, can damage your system.

To start, this was the first time in my life, that I felt I could run what could be considered a "bulk".

To this point, I have never felt like I could add weight, as I have perpetually been in a cutting or recomping mode. At least the last 5 years. I have abused my body, and I'm far from the fittest guy in the room. I have struggles, and ups and downs, and for 6 years had one of the most unhealthy lifestyles one could live. For that I've paid with fat around my waist.

In the past year, I've been down 20 pounds, and have really started to see results, to the point where I felt I could truly add more weight back to my frame, and not feel "flabby".

So when the ER program offered this up, I jumped on the opportunity.

This is also my first truly stacked compound run. I had run one other stack before, when I tried to run Furaz-A & Epistane, which didn't go very well, as I gave up the Furaz-A after 1 week due to stomach issues.

With this stack, I didn't have any issues with stomach problems at all.

I also did something I had never done before, and jumped right into the compound, starting with 3 pills per day from the get go. No build up, and no slow increase. I did this to test what types of effects this may have, compared to my standard build up over a week's time period. I can report, that I did feel results much quicker. Within that first week, water retention was up. I was also starting to get back pumps, and my pumps during workout were increased greatly by the 5th day.

The only negative to this, was that I started to get some of the negative side effects more quickly. My cardio started to fall off immediately. I started to cramp up in my shins and calves so bad, that I couldn't even complete a mile of running post workout. I tried everything from Taurine, to increased water intake, and BCAA's and magnesium. Nothing helped this subside.

My stack for the run was complete. I pre-loaded my liver support, ran fish oils throughout, along with Cissus for joint support. Took all the necessary components of a good support stack, which I won't go into here, because the list is long, and I've covered it multiple times in the forum as to what I suggest is a good stack for running a PH.

I used Torem as my SERM, and had Test Powder as my DAA support for the PCT for the first 4 weeks, and have since switched to D-Pol.

I am 1 month removed from my cycle, and have completed the PCT to a point where I feel I can accurately give this a rating.

Based on all the above, here are my results and my ratings.

I started at a weight of 181 pounds, and a body fat % of 13.5% which still is high, but again, lower than I've been in a while.

My diet consisted of 3000-3500 calories per day during the week, including 2 shakes, one meal replacement & 1 standard mixed protein post workout. My bigger meals were breakfast and lunch, and consisted of the majority of calories.

I aimed to take in close to 200G of protein per day, 100G of fat & 325 carbs. This would give me the necessary calories I needed to increase my weight.

My workout regiment consisted of 5 days per week, which I stuck to very well, even while I was travelling to China for a 4 day trip. I missed only 1 day of workouts for the entire month.

During my cycle, I felt increases in strength, and increases in muscle mass, that was very noticible. My personal trainer (yes I have one, and enjoy his tutelage) commented about the weight I added during this time. He also recorded my lifting stats, and I increased by at least 15% in all my lifts over the month, either in increased reps or increased weight, or a combination of both.

My focus for the beginning of the year, was deadlifting and squats, and form for these exercises. I set new PR's in each exercise, and increased my neutral grip trap bar deadlifts by 75 pounds over a 1 month span.

I felt good throughout mentally, probably more attributed to my regiment of 5-HTP, Tyrosine & Melatonin during the cycle and throughout the PCT. I cannot stress enough how important these supplements are to mental well being, and especially during your PCT, which I will talk about later.

My body weight increased back to 187 pounds, and I dropped an additional 1.2% of body fat, even though I was eating more calories than I had been taking in over the previous 6 month span.

When my PCT started, I felt very strong, and my lifts were all peaking.

Now the bad news. I experienced a sharp drop in testosterone during the final week of my cycle. My libido was also down significantly, and I could feel a very strong shut down.

I also started to get a slight itch in my nipples, and started to bloat pretty badly during the final 2 days. All signs of increases in estradiol.

I started my PCT with 90mg of Torem per day for the first week, tapered to 60mg per day for 2 weeks, with a final 30mg per day for the forth week.

I started my test powder during the final week as well, to jump start my libido again, and increase the available parts for testosterone production. I also started to mucuna pruriens to also stimulate testosterone production.

At the start of my PCT, I also began using Abliderate Advanced for cortisol control, which I am going to write a review for, but I could not be happier with those results.

Finally, in the second week of my PCT, I started travelling for work, and have just returned after 1 month of being constantly on the road. The final week being a vacation to visit the in-laws in Puerto Rico, where fried food is the norm, and you couldn't buy a healthy meal if your life depended on it, and most of my in-laws are 280+ pounds, and I'm considered "small".

Even with the decrease in my workouts, and the increase in unhealthy life style, I can report that my weight has stayed steady at 185 pounds, and my body fat, just measured today, has only increased back by .4% over a full month.

I'm very satisfied with these results.

I'm not happy to report, that my cholesterol, which was checked on Thursday during my standard check up post PCT, reports back that I am close to high levels. Typically with my policosinal regiment, my cholesterol returns to normal fairly quickly. This may have more to do with diet lately, but I will need to keep an eye on this.

I also have received word, that my testosterone, even while on DAA and just finishing my SERM, remains on the lower side of where I want it to be at this time. Typically PCT I see my levels shoot to at least 700 or 800 ng/dl. In this case, I am only around 600 ng/dl. That's not good, IMO, and too low.

I also have felt lethargic over the last week and half, and not motivated to return to the gym after my trip. Some of that might be that I got too comfortable on the beaches of PR, and am just experiencing vacation lag, but I typically find that returning from vacation, I come back refreshed and rejuvenated, with a strong desire to return to the gym. I'm lucky my personal trainer kicked my butt today, and got on me, because I feel better, yet not quite mentally there yet.

I also ran into some very challenging mental positions both at the end of my cycle and in my PCT. I was quite short fused, and often was irritable with situations that normally would have rolled off me.

During the beginning part of my travelling for work, I also began to question my career, which I haven't done in the 6 years I've been with this company. I can definitely chalk this up to the PH, and the mental strain this had on me. Again, I can't stress enough how vitally important mood supplementation is during your PCT. Your reduction of seretonin, dopamine & epinephrine can be staggering, and I felt these effects.

I have since returned to normal, which is good, but I can't imagine what I would have been like without those supplements.

I also still have "some" libido issues, although that is starting to get better. Some of it might be more mental fright, that my testosterone is not as high as it should be, but I'm definitely worried about my testosterone results, and what damage I may have permanently done to those levels.

So here are my ratings for Raptor Redux:

Overall: 8

The compound did what it promised to do, and it was a strong compound, and I felt I was able to add some good weight to my frame. So I'm satisfied that I ran a good cycle, and got the results I wanted.

Side Effects: 4

This is where I am definitely disappointed. With it being stacked, I can definitely say, this is NOT a beginner PH, and there are definitive reasons why someone without experience in PH's should not be touching products with multiple PH's in them.

Effectiveness: 9

The user will definitely add muscle, they will see the increase in mass, and the compounds will work. This is in no way a placebo, and there are results to be had.

Value: 8

Since this is 1 month worth of a bottle, at $50 for the bottle, it's not overpriced. Especially considering it's a 2 for 1, if you bought these compounds separately, you would pay more than $50 for a 1 month supply.

To conclude, I can't say I suggest this for someone who has never taken a PH. I also can't say I suggest it for anyone that has had gyno related issues in the past. I also can't really recommend this to anyone who is susceptible to shut down, or who has experienced these types of side effects before. Because I've never had these side effects to this extent, it's very difficult for me to recommend this to anyone, except the most experienced users.

If you're looking to bulk, have done multiple runs with PH's in the past, and can say that you don't fall into any of the categories I listed in the paragraph above, this could be a good compound for you.

You probably will have to drop cardio all together, and you may run into some painful back pumps, and some shut down long term, but it will add some good muscle to your frame, that you can keep long term.

So, in closing, thank you to the ER team, and to Nutra Clipse for allowing me to run this. It was an experience that has taught me even more about PH's, and allowed me to experience what some of the more negative side effects are like. Now I just need to focus on getting completely well, and returning to homeostasis. I hope I can do that sooner, rather than later.

  January 28, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Lean Gains
  • Good Strength Increases
  • Under Dosed For Most
  • Back Pumps
  • Too Expensive
What's up SR! Today I want to drop a review on a product that I was lucky enough to get from master petey and the ER crew. This was the first PH/DS that was thrown our way so I jumped on it since I have not used one in a long time. The product is Raptor redux from Nutraclipse. This is a stacked PH/DS meaning that there are two compounds used to make the product NOT A BEGINNERS PH/DS!! So thank you to Nutraclipse for allowing myself, Garlick, and raptor the chance to run this. I had nothing going on so jumped right on it and this is my review.

---------------Timing 7-9/10-----------------

This product was rather interesting on the dosage protocol pretty simple 3 pills spread through the day for 30 days? Well I didn't do that I tried something a bit different I started with 2 a day one pre work out or with first meal on off days and one 6-8hours later with a fat (natural PB). Week 2-3 I used the 3 pills split with again natural PB. First was once I woke up or pre-workout followed by a 6 hr protocol and lastly I did the last week with the extra one that I saved from the first week and I have to say I'm glad I did.
Again 6hr protocol it was a pain in the ass but worth it. The reason for the natural PB was for absorption since the teaspoon of fat helps.


Effectiveness 8/10


This product was rather good mid week 3 and forward I noticed a significant strength increase and weight gain while dropping a pants size. And gaining a total of 3lbs which doesn't sound like a lot of weight but I wasn't going for weight gain I gear myself for strength gain while dropping BF%. This product would work if you increase you total Kcal for weight gain. It seemed to be a well rounded compound for whatever your goals may be. Noticeable increase was on my flat bb I was pushing 305 for reps and 1 rep max at 320 after the cycle I was repping 315x3 and 1rep max 335. Solid product for what ever goal you are trying to achieve.


Side affects 5/10


This product was one of those ones that hit me kind of hard. I noticed I had constant back pumps and even a slight libido loss. This product as stated before is not a meant for a newbie starting out this is for a more advanced user with experience in the PH/DS world.
With out proper cycle support and liver aids this product could do some serious damage

------------Proper support/pct --------------

Once I knew I was going to be running this product I started taking/ pre-loading cycle assist 2weeks in advance along with organ shield for some added support. I also had taurine on hand for back pumps and an estrogen control for gyno even though the bottle says no estrogen conversion. For post cycle I have my serm torem at 120/90/60/30 cortisol controller and test booster and so far so good haven't lost too much as of day 15 in pct.


Content 7/10


Pretty good mix here mainly strength and dry mass compound also versatile can be used with great results on a cut or bulk. The two compounds used are pretty new clones that have hit the market to replace some older banned variations.
The first compound is
6-chloro-17b-hydroxy-4-androsten-3-one at 33.3mg per cap. This is a halodrol variation very good for strength and lean mass gains. Very productive when used solo but also works well with other dry mass compounds.
The second compound is
2-17a-5a-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one at 4mg per cap. This is an ultradrol another great dry compound easily stacked and well paired with halodrol again can be used solo mainly for recomp or cut since it doesn't aromatize when converted in the body. I gave this a seven since I feel it is slightly under dosed and you need 4 pills to hit a good amount for great results. Ultradrol is best at 16mg a day and halodrol is great from 100-150 IMHO. Most cycles use halo at 75/75/100/125,150 is high but not uncommon and ultra at 12/12/16/16 and 20 in some logs I have read yield pretty good results.


Value 7/10


Here is where some people may have issues this product says it has a 30day supply when you take 3 pills a day from day one to thirty. I feel this is an untrue statement since the best results start in week 3 and if you use the dose protocol I used you really may want another bottle for a 6week run. With the government cracking down on PH/DS the price isn't bad at 49.95, but I feel you may be let down by the dosages. So in my honest opinion you need two bottles and you will waste half the second bottle because anything longer then 6weeks on a dual compound is quiet taxing on the body and frankly not safe. So for $100.00 not including cycle assist and PCT this product can cost you well over 200.00 for a successful run and may turn people away.

Overall this product works well and may be used for any type of bodybuilding you like. I feel it is best suited for a cut since it is a dry mass gainer and really ramps up strength. You may play with the dosages and protocol but it can get expensive fast. The product does work as I noticed a pretty good deal of strength increases and weight gain in a short 26 days on even though the capsule is under dosed for more seasoned users it may be a solid choice for someone who has already ran a few single compound cycles and wants to try something a little more potent. The price is not bad for a single bottle but to correctly run this you need your cycle assist and post cycle plus I would want to see a 6week cycle results which will mean using half of another bottle. This product does receive a full hulk seal and it is worth a try.



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