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Heart Pro Reviews

By: Nutra Clipse

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nutra Clipse for sending it out!
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  July 31, 2016

  • Decreased LDL
  • Decreased Glucose
  • Decreased Triglyceride's
  • Increased HDL
  • Intense Flushness
Shout out and thanks to the Nutraclipse reps; a healthy heart makes for a happy life.

Overall Heart Pro has a good ingredient profile.
The first, and most recognizable ingredient would be Niacin (Vitamin B3). Typically effective doses "occur" around "at least" one gram. The dose provided in Heart Pro is 500mg per pill, which equates to the 1g minimum effective dose when taken properly.
The other ingredient that caught my eye was the Natto-whatchamacallitNattokinase. It comes from the Natto (boiled soybeans and other goodies), but remains largely "under-researched". What studies are available, shows an effective dose of no less than 500mg in humans. Heart Pro provides 200mg per pill, which equates to at least 400mg daily (when taken according to directions). It falls short of the effective range, however the lack of information is problematic.
Banaba Leaf Extract is the big puzzler. According to, 3,000mg is the effective dose. Heart Pro provides an astonishing 24mg. The caveat here, is that's page on Banaba Leaf is marked as "in-progress". So, either more research is on the way, or Nutraclipse herped-a-derp here.
The banaba leaf extract aside, everything else seems to fall in line.

Heart Pro has a very easy dosing schedule to follow. Two servings are to be taken, one (two pills) in the morning and one in the evening. The servings can be taken with or without food.

Label claims are as follows:
Increases HDL Cholesterol
Increases Insulin Sensitivity
Decreases Triglycerides
Decreases Blood Sugar
Right off the bat there's some conflict, as a side effect of Niacin is an increase in insulin resistance (if taken irresponsibly). However, on a budget I am, so I have no real way of testing this particular claim.
All other claims are tested via blood test. Also, there is one caveat moving forth: I am currently taking some things that may or may not lend to high cholesterol. The impact of these things on cholesterol remains undetermined at best, but it should be noted nonetheless.
Before Test (one weeks before beginning Heart Pro)
HDL: 53
LDL: 116
Triglycerides: 142
Total Cholesterol: 197
Blood Sugar: 88

After Blood Test (taken during final week of Heart Pro)
HDL: 58
LDL: 106
Triglycerides: 130
Total Cholesterol: 190
Blood Sugar: 80

Small changes across the board, but all things take into consideration I was rather pleased.
The biggest obstacle I faced was consistency in my doses and the friggin Niacin flush. I ended only able to take the morning dose, and more often than I wanted to admit, I missed doses entirely. At best, I was able to take two pills once per day. I rarely took the nighttime dose, and on occasion didn't take anything. Couple that with the earlier caveat, is probably why the numbers didn't change a whole helluva a lot. The other thought, is that my numbers weren't all too bad to begin with. I'm either near or within the optimal range in both tests, and sort of stayed there.
As stated, the one obstacle I had the most issues with was the Niacin flush. Whether I took one or two pills, if I didn't time it just right with a meal I as a red and itchy mess. The uncomfortable nature of it lead to the other obstacle I faced: consistency. My daily schedule is sort of flipped, compared to most. I get a late start my day, but I finish late as a result. Tuesdays were typically the hardest for me, as I often wouldn't get home until 10-1030pm.
All things considered, the fact I was able to get some results is a nice surprise. Past the halfway point, I felt like I wouldn't get anything out of it for the aforementioned reasons.

If a product works as advertised, it can then only be expensive and not overpriced. The asking price of about $50 for a 30-day supply is on the high side, but if all the reviews have shown one thing, it is that Heart Pro does work.

As stated, the reviews have shown one thing: it works. Whether a little or a lot, Heart Pro is effective. The one side effect is manageable if you take Heart Pro with food, but overall there's little downside with a big upside.

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