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Heart Pro Reviews

By: Nutra Clipse

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Heart Pro is a Health Product manufactured by Nutra Clipse. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.
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  July 31, 2016

  • Decreased LDL
  • Decreased Glucose
  • Decreased Triglyceride's
  • Increased HDL
  • Intense Flushness
Shout out and thanks to the Nutraclipse reps; a healthy heart makes for a happy life.

Overall Heart Pro has a good ingredient profile.
The first, and most recognizable ingredient would be Niacin (Vitamin B3). Typically effective doses "occur" around "at least" one gram. The dose provided in Heart Pro is 500mg per pill, which equates to the 1g minimum effective dose when taken properly.
The other ingredient that caught my eye was the Natto-whatchamacallitNattokinase. It comes from the Natto (boiled soybeans and other goodies), but remains largely "under-researched". What studies are available, shows an effective dose of no less than 500mg in humans. Heart Pro provides 200mg per pill, which equates to at least 400mg daily (when taken according to directions). It falls short of the effective range, however the lack of information is problematic.
Banaba Leaf Extract is the big puzzler. According to, 3,000mg is the effective dose. Heart Pro provides an astonishing 24mg. The caveat here, is that's page on Banaba Leaf is marked as "in-progress". So, either more research is on the way, or Nutraclipse herped-a-derp here.
The banaba leaf extract aside, everything else seems to fall in line.

Heart Pro has a very easy dosing schedule to follow. Two servings are to be taken, one (two pills) in the morning and one in the evening. The servings can be taken with or without food.

Label claims are as follows:
Increases HDL Cholesterol
Increases Insulin Sensitivity
Decreases Triglycerides
Decreases Blood Sugar
Right off the bat there's some conflict, as a side effect of Niacin is an increase in insulin resistance (if taken irresponsibly). However, on a budget I am, so I have no real way of testing this particular claim.
All other claims are tested via blood test. Also, there is one caveat moving forth: I am currently taking some things that may or may not lend to high cholesterol. The impact of these things on cholesterol remains undetermined at best, but it should be noted nonetheless.
Before Test (one weeks before beginning Heart Pro)
HDL: 53
LDL: 116
Triglycerides: 142
Total Cholesterol: 197
Blood Sugar: 88

After Blood Test (taken during final week of Heart Pro)
HDL: 58
LDL: 106
Triglycerides: 130
Total Cholesterol: 190
Blood Sugar: 80

Small changes across the board, but all things take into consideration I was rather pleased.
The biggest obstacle I faced was consistency in my doses and the friggin Niacin flush. I ended only able to take the morning dose, and more often than I wanted to admit, I missed doses entirely. At best, I was able to take two pills once per day. I rarely took the nighttime dose, and on occasion didn't take anything. Couple that with the earlier caveat, is probably why the numbers didn't change a whole helluva a lot. The other thought, is that my numbers weren't all too bad to begin with. I'm either near or within the optimal range in both tests, and sort of stayed there.
As stated, the one obstacle I had the most issues with was the Niacin flush. Whether I took one or two pills, if I didn't time it just right with a meal I as a red and itchy mess. The uncomfortable nature of it lead to the other obstacle I faced: consistency. My daily schedule is sort of flipped, compared to most. I get a late start my day, but I finish late as a result. Tuesdays were typically the hardest for me, as I often wouldn't get home until 10-1030pm.
All things considered, the fact I was able to get some results is a nice surprise. Past the halfway point, I felt like I wouldn't get anything out of it for the aforementioned reasons.

If a product works as advertised, it can then only be expensive and not overpriced. The asking price of about $50 for a 30-day supply is on the high side, but if all the reviews have shown one thing, it is that Heart Pro does work.

As stated, the reviews have shown one thing: it works. Whether a little or a lot, Heart Pro is effective. The one side effect is manageable if you take Heart Pro with food, but overall there's little downside with a big upside.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nutra Clipse for sending it out!
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  September 15, 2015

  • Decreased LDL
  • Decreased BP
  • Increased HDL
  • Intense Flushness
Hey guys whats up its your favorite bignasty reviewer here. First off let me give a big thanks to Nutraclipse and the TROOP program for allowing me to review this product. Now I do normally take health and wellness products but not cholesterol products directly or consistently except for fishoil. But because i was well over 400lbs once and still hovering in the 280's I decided to give this a try. Now I am no longer a diabetic or have high blood pressure because i have lost that weight and maintain with healthy diet and working out but I always keep an eye on it just in case.

Ingredients: 9

Niacin 500mg= a common ingredient in most heart health products at a standard amount, I normally do not get flushed from it but it did happen a few times so it may have been due to the combo.

Pantethine 900mg= is used to help with blood fat problems and has some studies that show the possibility of lowering ldl's but more shown for pantethinic acid than pantethine. although they have a very high amount here, almost double what is found in some bottles alone.

Nattokinase 200mg= is really good for artery health and good for preventing blood clots. and again at the dose they give is higher than your standard company.

white willow bark 400mg= is like the herbal equal to asprin as it is good for a pain reliver and for general headaches but not really known for heart health benefits. also this is a standard amount if bought by itself.

berberine hcl 500mg= this is also a standard dose but it helps balance the AMPK levels which can help with healthy LDL's (i had to look that one up).

banaba leaf extract 24mg= has some very promising studies for diabetic health but this is the only ingredient that is below the standard. and not a little low but to a point of why have it here.

Dosing: 8.5

At four pills a day this is not really bad. you can break it up to 2 twice a day.

Effectiveness: 7.5

Ok I got a 2 tests done for cholesterol and as for blood pressure i had it checked from a friend of mine with an average before and after and I did my blood sugar 3 times a day before and after also for an average.

before: total 192
LDL: 139
HDL: 53
Sugar: 122
Pressure: 130/85

After: 179
LDL: 115
HDL: 64
Sugar: 118
Pressure: 115/90

Now I am glad to see a difference here as small as it is, the blood sugar stayed really the same but i was not expecting much anyway.

Value: 8

Pretty good price for what you get. most of the doses here are what some companies put as one pill to sell itself. But a suggestion would be to try to get into more 3rd party hands to be a little easier to find.

Side Effects: 8

Nothing really bad here except the niacin burn and i have never really had that before, so if you are sensitive to a niacin flush be careful if not you should be fine.

Conclusion: 8
This product is not for everyone, if your looking for general cholesterol health then a good fishoil or just a general good diet will help. BUT if you have major concerns and you have levels that are above avg then this should help. Now i really like the doses they have in here as they are all standard to above average save for one. I wouldnt really recommend this for sugar control but a nice addition for overall heart health.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nutra Clipse for sending it out!
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  August 10, 2015

  • Decreased Triglyceride's
  • Decreased T. CholHDL Ratio
  • Increased HDL
  • Decreased VLDL
  • Intense Flushness
I was given the opportunity to test and review NutraClipse: HeartPro through the SRTroops program here on, which I want to give a BIG Shout out and THANK YOU to SupplementReviews and NutraClipse! Thank you for participating in our TROOPS reviewing program, and personally for the chance to test and review this product! This review is for the FULL 30 serving product, in capsule form (120 total). This is not a paid review, but one that I was given the product for free in exchange of submitting a completely honest review. This is the first product from NutraClipse that I have had a chance to try, and definitely the first Health & Well-being Product as well.

Log Entries:

Seen below in the Supplement Facts image, you can see this product contains 6 Active Ingredients in a FULLY Disclosed Label! Fortunately this is not a Proprietary Blend which is very important especially with the ingredients contained! For those who do not know, Proprietary Blends are ingredients listed in a total mix where the dosages of each are not known. There are many drawbacks to the consumer when the ingredients are given in this way, but one important element you need to know is how effective it is! I include the supplement label in my reviews in case a product does a non-disclosed ingredient change in such a way you know that the product in this review is the one that matches your label.

NutraClispe does a good job covering the ingredients and linking to some scientific studies concluding the reasons they were contained, follow this link:

No Mixability here with these capsules, unless you do not know how to swallow the capsule and I would not suggest opening them up to mix either as the Niacin is very potent! I started dosing this product at 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, but eventually I was able to take 2 capsules at each time totally 4 capsules a day. The directions state "Begin by taking 1 capsule daily. Gradually build up to 2 caps in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. If flushing affects are too intense, take with a meal." I typically would take the morning dose of 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast (6AM or 830AM), or after the gym on my off work days (typically after 1PM). The evening dose I would take typically on an empty stomach, and with food on my off work days (normally around 630PM each day).

Effectiveness (8.2/10)
The reviewing of this product on the TROOPS program REQUIRED Blood Work in the form of a Lipid Panel + Glucose + Blood Pressure. Fortunately NutraClipse was able to pick up the tab, as required by our reviewing program. I had 2 different Lipid Panels, and two Blood Pressure Tests. For each test I was in a fasted state of 8+ hours. I will also mention that my diet wasn't necessarily "clean/healthy", nor did it change much during the duration of this product. Combine this with a "clean/healthy" and I am sure this product would become even more effective. My training regime was pretty consistent, but did change towards a more intensity based routine towards the end. I am sure that those with a higher cardiovascular routine (HIIT, cardio etc), and decreasing the use of supplements that cause in increase in blood pressure would only benefit this product even more. But lets face it, this product did deliver exceptionally well being I was not doing anything different with my lifestyle and for that I can definitely say it was effective.

June 22nd, 2015
Total: 190
Triglycerides: 169
HDL: 34
VLDL: 34
LDL: 122
T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 5.6
BP: 147/82

July 31st, 2015
Total: 191
Triglycerides: 108
HDL: 36
VLDL: 22
LDL: 133
T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 5.3
BP: 148/92

Reviewing the results you can see the Total Cholesterol remained close to the same which is good, where my Triglycerides did come down 36% (61 points) which is amazing, with my HDL coming up 2 points overall which is good, LDL actually came up 8.2% (11 points) which is not good, VLDL came down 35% (12 points) which is good normal range is 2-30, T. Chol/HDL came down by 0.3 points which is good, finishing with my Blood Pressure coming up but actually was not affected. Overall I am impressed with the product, as it did meet most of the claims with the exception being my HDL. Being that I did not test my blood sugar I could not tell you that it actually reduced it, but Diabetes does not run in my family and I have never had issues with it either.

Side Effects/Issues
Being that it was not advertised I want to share that I could tell the product was working when taking it, which took a couple weeks before I could notice it. I felt healthier at times of taking this, which I feel is due to the ease of the blood flow. It felt really nice, as I was able to complete things more easily. Not a negative side effect, but definitely something I did enjoy. Niacin! Niacin is VERY effective in giving you extreme flushing of the skin, and I mean that it looks like you have sunburn but it does go away. The first time I took 1 capsule was on an empty stomach, which was too intense for me and I had to take a cold shower just to reduce the misery! As I decided to take it with food in the morning I would feel very little if any tingles/flushness at all, but only IF I took it with food. Now in the evening on my work days I had to take this on an empty stomach, and as I started taking it 2 capsules at a time it was too intense at times and caused a euphoric experience that was almost therapeutic at times (with muscle soreness). I became difficult to take this too late in the evening (even with food) where I could not fall asleep as easily, which is why I would sacrifice and take it at work on an empty stomach before coming home to eat. You can read my log more on these issues, as I went into great depth of these accounts many times.

Value (9.4/10)
The value of this product is something you have to personally ask yourself "Is your health worth it?". I once was told that if you take short-cuts with your diet and health, you will ultimately pay for it ten times over in the future. This can be true, and if you put the value of a supplement like this for the well-being of yourself, then you can see that this IS a cheaper alternative to having a life threatening issue. Aside from that, the cost and the greatness of taking a more natural supplement than taking SEVERAL pharmaceutical medications is enough for me and my Doctor to recommend I continue taking it. You can find this for $40 on the NutraClipse website, which comes to $1.33 a day if you are to take it at full dosage. I ended up taking this product for 5.5 weeks, and probably could have seen similar results if I dosed it to last me 6 weeks which would cost around $1 a day.

Overall (9.2/10)
This product proved to be very effective in my experience and thus I recommend it to anyone that has High Cholesterol or wanting to keep healthy overall. It comes at an effective price point and at an appropriate dosing, but more importantly it is effective and you do not need a prescription in order to take it.

I want to say thank you again to NutraClipse for allowing me the opportunity to review their product HeartPro. Thank you for reading, and comment below!

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nutra Clipse for sending it out!
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  May 20, 2015

  • Decreased LDL
  • Decreased BP
  • Decreased Glucose


    I've never taken a health/wellness supplement marketed specifically for heart health. The makers say that it's designed to reduce all markers of metabolic syndrome - high blood pressure, high lipids, high blood sugar, excess abdominal weight - all things which increase the risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Given that I've already got a blood disease and medical treatments that puts me at risk, I thought I'd be more than happy to give this a try.

    Ingredient Profile

    The ingredient profile has a few things that I'm familiar with and have used in the past. Berberine HCL and Banaba are popular ingredients in supplements such as Recompadrol and used to help with glucose/insulin management. I've used them frequently in the past and find them to be effective. And I like that the berberine HCL is at 500mg - exactly the same dose that's in my favorite berberine supplement, Glycosolve.

    The other ingredients are niancin, pantethine, nattokinase and white willow bark. I don't know a whole lot about these, but the pantethine helps reduce total and LDL choleserol along with the niancin which reduces LDL particle size and lipoproteins. Nattokinase is a natural blood thinner - obviously helping to reduce blood pressure. White willow bark is typically used as an anti-inflammatory, something that interested me since my resting CK levels are >1000. I was a bit concerned about adding another thinner alongside my prescription meds but it didn't seem to be an issue as bruising didn't increase and platelets stayed equally pathetic, lol.


    These are capsules and it is recommended that you take 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM. As I've said, I'm already on other medications and as a result, I simply could not take more than 1 cap in the AM - I'll explain why in the section on side effects, so I had to either split the first dose into 1 in the AM and 1 at lunch or just take both caps at lunch. Towards the end, I actually just took 3 caps per day and found it to be effective.


    ok, the bottom line here will be blood tests and that's what I'll review. Really there's almost nothing else to add other than to show you the numbers:

    Prior to medical treatments:
    CHL: 120
    LDL: 78
    HDL: 42
    Glucose: 75
    BP: 115/70

    During treatments:
    CHL: 153
    LDL: 131
    HDL: 21
    Glucose: 102
    BP: 157/88

    During Heart-Pro:
    CHL: 136
    LDL: 111
    HDL: 25
    Glucose: 84
    BP: 135/77

    So it's clear to see that I did achieve a reduction in pertinent blood work. Perhaps not quite as significant as some of the studies quoted in the NutraClipse marketing, but no joking matter all the same. Especially for me personally since I prefer to not take statin drugs due to the lethargy I get. So seeing a 15% reduction in lipids is a big deal for me. I can only hope that additional bottles will continue the trend-line. Now my blood sugar has never gotten terribly out of a normal range but it saw a 12 point reduction, which is similar to what I see when using GlycoSolve, so kudos on the berberine/banaba combo here. Finally blood pressure went down as well, so all across the board I saw positive effects. And while I didn't post the values, I ever saw a reduction in my CK down to about 880 - added as an FYI, not necessarily correlated but who knows.


    This can be found online for around $40. That's at least 30-45 days depending on how you dose it, so that's a bit over a dollar per day. The real question is what it's worth to you to avoid the use of prescription medications (or in mind case in combination with). I have a degenerative disease and without steroids, I function at a very poor level. Unfortunately, the drugs the docs give me to save me also tend to slowly kill me, lol. So for me, this is an extremely high value as it clearly helped me mitigate the side effects of my treatments without having to resort to other prescription drugs. (Did I mention my liver enzyme values, lol?) But all joking aside, if you are at risk, I would think that the value for something that works is immense at almost any cost.

    Side Effects

    Due to other BP and blood thinner meds, if I took both caps in the AM, I would get severe, and I do mean severe, redness and flushing (I assume from the niancin and nattokinase). It was like paresthesia from hell. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was extreme and highly noticeable - I turned red like a lobster. Interestingly enough though, I did not receive this side effect when I took two caps in the afternoon so I'm going to assume it was due to my other medications and altering my dosage pattern easily rectified this.


    If you are at risk for increased blood pressure, lipids or blood sugar, either from physiological or pharmaceutical reasons, then I recommend you give this a serious look. I can't speak to it's effectiveness for normal healthy adults, but as my blood-work numbers show, it certainly impacted my out of range values as advertised. So is it of value for the rest of us? I can't speak to that. But for me, it is certainly something that I'll continue to buy - and that is the "Lava is a cheapskate" seal of approval when I spend my own money on a supplement.

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